Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sew Geeky: Howl's Jacket


It's that time again! Time to show off some awesome Sew Geeky sewing! With school and work and the disappearing sun I am very grateful for the Sew Geeky sewing series since without it I might not make time to touch my sewing machine. I'm putting soo much time into trying to understand molecules and focus on not mixing up Isomers and Isotopes that it felt great to focus on something I totally understand. This month's theme was Studio Ghibli and after much thought I picked Howl's Moving Castle to focus on. 

Howl's Moving Castle is a great story about self confidence and learning about who you are- always a big deal in our house; and if you haven't seen it I highly recommend that you go watch it! With the weather turning colder I decided to make a jacket and leggings for Cordelia based on Howl's monster self- a dark bird-like creature. 

arm wrap

I picked black flannel for the base of the jacket- lined with fusible fleece interfacing and more black flannel.  I was very impressed by the weight of the jacket in the end, it should keep Miss C nice and warm. I used Charming Doodles's Knight Hoodie for reference on the size and the sleeves but then I kind of made the shape of the jacket up as I went.The leggings are a shiny spandex dance wear fabric and I am very envious of them! 

3 Move
4 move 35 move 4

To create wings I cut two wing shaped quarter circles and then used silver thread to quilt a feather pattern on them, To add even more texture I cut and sewed various sized feathers, using two tones of gray, black, and leftover shiny black fabric. Howl often looks very ruffled in his bird shape and I wanted the jacket to reflect that. The wings are only attached at the shoulders so they aren't a pain to move with, and they have loops at the end of them that can be pulled up when it's time to "fly".

hughappyCalcifer hood

My sister Shauna has been saving my butt when I bite off more than I can chew for 13 years (since I started taking on big sewing projects) whether it's help on a project or help adding to it she always does amazing things. This month she made this adorable Calcifer softie because he is the best character with the best lines in the movie and we just couldn't celebrate Howl's Moving Castle without him! and when I lamented because I had wanted to make shoes to go with the outfit but didn't have time, she whipped up this cute navy leather pair! 

Calcifer eat bCalcifer eat a

Cordelia was pretty excited about her new coat and leggings but I won't deny that she loves her new Calcifer the best- she especially enjoyed feeding him acorns (just like the Totoros eat, Howl may be my favorite but Totoro is her's so expect future Totoro posts!)


Thanks for stopping by guys! and please make sure you check out all of the amazing women I was lucky enough to sew along with this month! I am stunned by all the super cool things they made! 


  1. she is so lovely! The addition of the wings was an awesome plan!

  2. Oh I love this sooo much!!! I want to make everything from Howl's!!!! Her little shiny legs KILL me!! She is such a doll! Great job! Thanks for sewing along again with us ^_^

  3. ok hands down I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!! so awesome. those wings were so bomb!

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