Monday, May 1, 2017

Rainbow Birthday Bash

Yesterday we celebrated Cordelia's 6th birthday with a Rainbow Bash theme. Originally we had planned on a small six kid party, but when we got the news that we would have to move came I figured we would do one more big party - with all of her friends invited. I hope we will be able to keep her in contact with at least a chunk of the friends she has made while growing up here, but I know busy schedules and living in different neighborhoods will make keeping in contact with everyone impossible, so I wanted to give her this last party before everything changes.   

Cordelia's party dress is the ultimate in rainbow dresses- or at least that was the goal. It's a patchwork of some of my sister and my favorite fabrics- Allison Glass, Tula Pink, Lizzy House, and many more. If you look close you can find cats, moons, bunnies, space ships, vegetables, and a whole host of interesting prints.  

The bodice is made from the Bella Sunshine Designs Coffee Shop Dress, with about three inches taken off the bottom. The skirt of the dress involved patching together 140 charm squares into seven rows, red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue and purple. The most time consuming part was cutting out all the charm squares! 

Cordelia was very please by the twirl factor in this dress. 


Because pockets are very important I hid two little pockets in the patchwork. 

For Adeline I made a simple rainbow romper from a vintage pattern- hopefully I will get more photos of her in it before she grows out of it! 

I think I did go a tiny bit simpler for the invite this year! 

For food we had rainbow jello cups, rainbow fruit skewers, m&m cookies (store bought), fruity pebble crispy treats, a rainbow veggie tray, colored gold fish, princes popcorn, and of course marshmallow pops (they seem to be a birthday party tradition at this point). 

Our Princess party popcorn is just regular popcorn with pink food coloring added to the butter. 

Every year I make one thing that is a little insane and time consuming- first birthday it was candy dots, second it was chocolate fish, third is was pretzel turtles...this year it was jello cups. They weren't hard but they took forever to make. 

Instead of decorating fancy cupcakes this year I made plain cupcakes and had the kids decorate them as an activity! This kids loved it, and I was glad we were outside because it was messy!


For other activities we had sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and a temporary tattoo station. We were also at a park so the kids had a blast just running around.  

Our only decorations (besides unicorn tablecloths from Target) was rainbow bunting. My sister found free printable bunting from Carrie Elle and we made tons of it.

And a free printable from the crafting chicks for rainbow seeds (jelly beans) for our favor!

Thank you to everyone who came out to party, and thank you to my sisters for their hard work, and thank you to my hubby for supporting my crazy love of party planning!