Monday, August 25, 2014

Sew Geeky: Marvel vs. DC

Hello guys! I am super excited today, not only am I sharing my 100th post but it is also my first Sew Geeky post. Sew Geeky is a monthly sewing series hosted by Kat of Sew Chibi and Ari of Max California , and just like it sounds it's a showcase for sewing all things geeky! This month is Marvel vs. DC and I  thought long and hard about what I wanted to sew. My mind kept racing with ideas, until I decided that I just  had to do two outfits- I mean, Cordelia has two different personalities, so I just had to cover characters that summed up both sides of her!

Some days my Miss C is a total sweetie, nice, kind, pure, good, always trying to be perfect and awesome. Just like Supergirl- cause we all know that Supergirl wants to live up to being super, like her cousin Superman. She is my best friend Patrick's favorite superhero because she is a good egg who tries- even though she doesn't have to. He likes that she is kinda normal, she makes mistakes and people take her for granted, but she keeps trying. 

All in all she is a great role model to introduce Cordelia to- a character to help emphasis the good parts about her. It helps that she is blonde- Cordelia loves blondes best because she can see herself in them.

I used Kitschy Coo's little skater dress, this was my first time using the pattern and I loved it! I know why people rave about it soo much. I love that it is super easy and the whole look isn't costumey- it's totally park appropriate. However, next time (and there will be many next times) I will sew a smaller size because it turned out a little too big. My hubby tells me that it's just fine because she loves it and it will give her more time to wear it!  I up-cycled t-shirts for the fabric, and I added a cape (because capes add awesomeness, right?)

I worked really hard to finish this dress before we took our road trip and man I am sure glad I did because on our drive home we spotted this gem! Not often does Miss C get to meet her cousin while in costume! She was soooo thrilled she talked about it for at least an hour on our 8 hour drive home. 

We watched a bunch of  Super Girl videos to pump her up for this dress. She had so much fun posing and announcing that she was going to save the day- but the best part for her, was flying. 

Maybe all three year olds have split personalities, maybe it's just mine. Even though some days she is sweet as can be, some days she is more than a little rotten. A rotten trickster, just like Harley Quinn. I have to admit that I have a tendency to love villains over heroes- they always seem like the underdog. That thinking would probably have made me go crazy and fall in love with the Joker just like Harley did so it's a good thing I am married to a mostly normal, mostly sane guy! 

After showing Cordelia videos of Harley Quinn, anytime she would get a glimpse of her outfit she would beg to wear it. I don't think anything I have ever made has gotten this much excitement! Which is a little worrisome. . . I made a color blocked t-shirt with white neck and sleeve bands and I appliqued a diamond on one sleeve and on the front of the shirt- you can't see the one on the front when she wears it with the overalls but I wanted the shirt to be able to stand alone as well. For a pattern I used the little skater dress again just without the skirt. The overalls are self drafted and I love the way they turned out. 

The t-shirt is made of rib knit and the overalls are made of stretch poplin. I was really worried about the colors not being close enough, but in the end you can hardly tell! 

It was my brother's idea that we should do a hammer to go with her outfit but I had no idea how to even begin to make a hammer so I turned that project over to The Hubby and he ran with it. He made her such a cool hammer- I'm trying to figure out where in the house I can display it! It is a little too heavy for Cordelia to lift, but she loved it and made it work. If you live in Maryland you should totally check out the cool location for our photo shoot. It is brand new park with a super hero theme! This was our first trip there and we had a blast. 

Overall Cordelia loved both outfits, and they were tons of fun to make, so I call this a successful sewing adventure. Now you have to go check out the amazing things everyone else has made over on the Sew Geeky Blog- you won't regret it!

It was so much fun to sew a long with the ladies and I am dying over all of their projects! From left to right: Sew Chibi, Casa Crafty, Rae Gun Ramblings, Max California, Life of a Compulsive Crafter, The Crafty Kitty and not pictured but not any less awesome- American Kat.

And don't forget to link up any of your Marvel or DC related sewing!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pinkham Road Trip

Our little family just completed it's first big road trip- and man did I learn a lot along the way.We covered about 1,000 miles of road driving to New York and Vermont- and then around and around in circles in both states, and man was it a lot of driving!  I packed, and stressed, and made lists for days but there were a couple of things I wasn't prepared for. 

I wasn't prepared for the temperature to be anything but what the weather channel had predicted  (it was about 15° cooler than predicted). 

It was about 100 times more beautiful than I ever expected- everyone told me how beautiful Vermont was but I never had taken the time to consider how beautiful New York would be. Or how amazing mountains are- or how clean and fresh the air smells- OR how amazing the stars look under such big, clear sky's. I have never been so amazed. 

I was not prepared with enough kid activities for this munchkin to do- I really needed more stops and more interesting things for her to visit. However, that being said, I was amazed by how well she entertained herself in the car and with whatever was around her when we were doing "grown up" things.

I will never have my real camera for all of the perfect moments, and i need to be ok with that- or at least I need to work on being ok with that.

Ski lifts are scary, but giant slides make it worth it.

But, mostly, I was not prepared for this. Lots and lots of this. No matter how hard we tried to put Cordelia to bed at a normal time, no matter how hard we tried for naps, sleeping in strange places made for un-restful nights and turned my semi sweet baby girl into a full blown monster at times. This is the only part of the trip I have no idea how to improve on for next time! Do you guys have any tips? Anything you have tried that has worked for you and your kiddo?

Overall it was a nice little get away. I am soo grateful for our wonderful old friends who hosted us and fed us amazing food. I wish we could have spent more time with them! Even though they helped my hubby come home with another lathe. . .however It's a pretty awesome lathe so it's ok. I am also grateful for new friends who showed us spectacular fireworks and introduced us to a little gal who I sure wish lived closer because I have never seen Cordelia click so well with another little girl.