Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lavender Dots


On Sunday, Brendon and I went to see our friend's daughter in her school play.  She was amazing, I was so impressed! I have been craving spring lately, I'm tired of layering for warmth, and I'm tired of it being so gray and everything looking so glum, it kinda depresses me. When I'm feeling blah I really like to make an effort to dress super girly. Do you all have a go too look when you are feeling down? 

Sweater: Target (similir
Dress: Robutton
Shoes: Madewell
Flower Pin: Vintage from my mother

Sweater: Target
Shirt: Thrifted
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Aldo
Brendon looked so nice I just had to feature him in this outfit post as well. I love when he dresses up. He was also rocking some beautiful vintage suspenders but we didn't get a good photo of them- oh well, maybe next time. Have a happy Thursday, guys! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Getting Over The Hump

Sometimes you need a pick me up to help you keep smiling- a funny video, an inspirational quote, pictures of puppies cuddling babies, and so forth. Many blogs feature posts of just such things close to the end of the week, but I often find myself searching for sunshine and happiness on Wednesday- aka the Hump Day. So here I am starting a segment of the blog to help you- and I- "Get Over The Hump".
I found this on Pinterest the other day and I couldn't help feeling that it was meant just for me. I'm making a transition in my life and I have these great big dreams and ambitions and I am trying to only surround myself with positive people so I don't doubt myself too much.  

This video is amazing. I have to admit I cried, but I totally felt empowered by the end. It's just so beautiful you have to watch it. 

Watermelon cupcakes...  A simple chocolate chip cake recipe with some food coloring can be turned into these!
Don't these just make you smile- they make me so happy (and a little hungry too). I can't wait to make some- first I have to make my smores cupcakes for this weekend. Don't worry, the recipe for those are coming up in a post soon. 

Just how beautiful are her eyes?!

Isn't this pantry amazing! I just recently found Dina's blog (here) and I am in love- she is so creative and organized. I think that the day I have a pantry that looks like this will be the day that I can consider myself accomplished in life- I have a hard enough time keeping groceries in the house! 

This last photo is of Cordelia. The other day we had absolutely beautiful weather so we took a walk. I am always amazed by how focused Cordelia is on the tiniest things. It is so great to be a mom.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hello! For those of you who don't know me, I want to use this first post to give you a little introduction.
 My name is Katie, i'm 25, I live in Maryland- and  have my whole life. I believe the glass
 is always 1/2 full (however, some days I believe it's 1/2 full of dirty water). 

The most important thing about me is that I love to make things, all types of things. Baking, sewing, jewelry, drawing, this spring I'm
even going to try gardening (wish me luck). Anything to make this world we live in a little happier and a little prettier. I graduated college with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and I worked for a year doing visuals for a really awesome store. I recently decided to resign from that incredibly fun job to focus on creating and selling my own work.

 Almost five years ago I married my Prince Charming, Brendon. He is amazing, he puts up with taking my outfit photos, he cheers me up when I am down, and he never complains about my crafting things that are all over the house. I am a very happy wife, and this photo represents one of the happiest moments of my life. 

Well, the happiest until this happened- this is when life really started to get fun. Meet Cordelia, she is now almost two years old and she is the most amazing kid I know. With this blog Brendon,  Cordelia, Pig, Ninja (our two cats), and I are excited to share with you our adventures, creations, trials, and triumphs!