Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Getting Over The Hump

Sometimes you need a pick me up to help you keep smiling- a funny video, an inspirational quote, pictures of puppies cuddling babies, and so forth. Many blogs feature posts of just such things close to the end of the week, but I often find myself searching for sunshine and happiness on Wednesday- aka the Hump Day. So here I am starting a segment of the blog to help you- and I- "Get Over The Hump".
I found this on Pinterest the other day and I couldn't help feeling that it was meant just for me. I'm making a transition in my life and I have these great big dreams and ambitions and I am trying to only surround myself with positive people so I don't doubt myself too much.  

This video is amazing. I have to admit I cried, but I totally felt empowered by the end. It's just so beautiful you have to watch it. 

Watermelon cupcakes...  A simple chocolate chip cake recipe with some food coloring can be turned into these!
Don't these just make you smile- they make me so happy (and a little hungry too). I can't wait to make some- first I have to make my smores cupcakes for this weekend. Don't worry, the recipe for those are coming up in a post soon. 

Just how beautiful are her eyes?!

Isn't this pantry amazing! I just recently found Dina's blog (here) and I am in love- she is so creative and organized. I think that the day I have a pantry that looks like this will be the day that I can consider myself accomplished in life- I have a hard enough time keeping groceries in the house! 

This last photo is of Cordelia. The other day we had absolutely beautiful weather so we took a walk. I am always amazed by how focused Cordelia is on the tiniest things. It is so great to be a mom.

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