Sunday, February 19, 2017

Two Months

The first week of this month marked two months that our Adeline has been with our family. We all seem to have settled into a schedule fitting for our family of four (which still includes waking up three times a night for Mama and baby). Even though eight weeks seems like such a brief period of time, I'm not sure any of us remember what our schedules and our life was like without our smallest family member. 

These days Adeline is spending more and more of her daylight hours awake and observing things. Its still apparent she can't see too far from her face but she loves to observe the shapes and movement of light on the butterfly picture next to the sofa and she loves to watch our faces. Her favorite person to observe is Cordelia, Cordelia personifies movement, energy, and expression- so there is a lot to observe. I think this time spent observing is what has led to us also catching her giving us her first real smiles! 

Up until now Adeline has always held her legs scrunched up to her belly- like she was still trying to curl herself into a ball in my uterus. Now she seems to be learning to relax into the space around her, stretching her legs out and uncoiling from her ball. 

She also went through a tremendous growth spurt and now weighs 12 pounds 7 ounces and is 23 inches long! Look at that darling chubby tummy, and she has the best chubby baby thighs! Adeline and I are doing quite well nursing- which is another thing that seems easier this time around. There was less discomfort, and less anxiety about having to nurse in public or around people. We went out to dinner for the first time this month and it didn't worry me at all to sit and nurse Adeline under a cover at the table while we all ate. It's a relief because Adeline always wants to eat when we are eating, and it's harder - if not impossible- to stop what you are doing to go in the other room for privacy to nurse when you have a five year old who very much wants life to not be interrupted. 

Adeline is starting to grab things, she likes to hold onto my shirt or braids when I am carrying her, and she has a jackalope stuffed animal my sister made that has perfect hand sized legs she likes to squeeze. With her new discovery of her hands she also likes to try to stuff them in her mouth. I've noticed she likes to chew on her right hand, and grab with her right hand, which makes me wonder if she will end up right handed in the end. 

In less than fun news, poor kid also caught her first cold this month. I guess that's the pitfall of being a winter baby, with a big sister in school, and picking big sister up every day and greeting all the super enthusiastic kindergartners and their germs. I know I am supposed to be super overprotective and not let the other kids touch her, but I love seeing them marvel over her tiny fingers and feet, they get so excited to see her open eyes, or whenever she is wearing a new hat. By the time Adeline goes to school she will just have the best immune system.  

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