Friday, December 1, 2017

Why Was Six Afraid of Seven? Because Seven Ate Nine!

That's actually a misleading title for this blog post- because this post is sharing photos from Adeline's eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh months- but for some reason that silly kids joke kept running through my head.  

Maybe because I feel like the months have eaten each-other- surely time has done something funny and sped up, or moments were skipped?  

But I guess that's part of parenting, time moves in weird ways. When you are in the grocery store with a screaming kid but you can't leave or there will be nothing for dinner- time moves extra slow, each second takes at least three. But when you are trying to make sure you write blog posts, or finish your to do lists, or simply just want your baby to stay a baby- then each second must speed by like it's only a quarter of a second. 

I've kep up taking these monthly photos- some of them really near the end of the month,  but all more or less on time, but I never could quite make it to publishing them. At eight months Adeline could pull herself up to stand and would walk about while holding on to the couch. She had two teeth and loved to bit. 

At nine months Adeline she could say "Mama, Dada, Nana" and "cat". 

She had a strong distrust for strangers, and never smiled at people who talked to her when we were out and about.  But Cordelia made her laugh and giggle like crazy. 

She started being able to stand on her own, without holding on to anything. 

She loved every food she tried- but preferred to feed herself.

and still did not sleep through the night. 

At ten months Adeline started to walk! 

and fall down a lot. When I took these photos she had a big bump on one side of her head from the sidewalk, a small scrape on the other side from a toy house, and rug burn on her nose from the hallway outside of our apartment. 

At ten months Adeline had two teeth, four words, and two signs. 

She still loves food, hates strangers, and isn't so impressed by sleeping in her crib, or sleeping through the night. 

but she loves playing with other kids, 

and she shares my obsession with cats. 

That brings us up to date at eleven months. 

Adeline finally sleeps in her crib, and sometimes even in her crib in her bedroom- and sometimes if we are extra lucky and she is super tired, she even sleeps all night long!

She can say "mama, dada, na-na, cat, hi" and "no". She knows the signs  for water, more, all done, and eat. She especially loves goldfish and likes to share them with our cat Ninja while she watches Sesame Street. 

She dances whenever she hears music! She also claps, waves, blows kisses and raspberries, and roars like a lion. She makes more noises than any other kid I have met. 

and she stands up to her sister when she pushes her around. (Adeline screams at Cordelia or bites her on the hand, or roars at her, which is kind of funny)

Strangers still do not amuse her. 

She has seven teeth (all of a sudden)! She can walk from the car to the apartment, but often wants to walk in the direction she wants and not where we want her to go. She doesn't run yet, but she is getting fast!  She fills our lives with adventure and happiness every day. 

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