Monday, September 30, 2013

Over the weekend


Cordelia dominated the weekend- she made people smile and laugh, she kept people calm and happy. I don't really know how she managed it, but she was high spirited and only had one meltdown despite having no naps, and incredibly long days. 



Friday we drove down to Richmond, VA for the wedding weekend of one of my best friends Sarah. The festivities started with a picnic lunch at James River Cellars. It was nice and relaxing and it gave Cordelia a chance to get warm up to the wedding party, and their parents. She can be shy around large groups of people so I was worried how she would cope with the weekend's events. 



You can never take too many photos of the soon to be bride and groom during the wedding weekend, especially silly ones. 


Friday night we went swimming in the hotel pool (Cordelia's favorite part of the weekend was the pool) and then snuggled in the perfect, fluffy, wonderful, king size bed and watched Master Chef Junior. I was amazed by the show and added to my DVR as soon as I got home- they had 8 year olds making pasta from scratch in an hour! 


Saturday was for crafting, setting up, a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner! I was really lucky to have soo many people for Cordelia to play with. If not for everyone Cordelia would have ended up a puddley mess and I would have been no help to the bride. Sarah played in the yard with Miss C and told her stories about the magical plants and friendly caterpillars. Nola and Kirsten let Cordelia drag them around as she stole all of their stuffed animals. Ada had her help with crafting. Kenneth took her to look for bugs and stick her feet in the creek. Louise, Tom, Janet, and Gary kept her out of trouble, smiled when she made messes,made sure she had everything she needed, and read her stories. 






That evening the bridesmaids kept the bride company in her room. We drank wine, ate chocolate, spent way too much time trying to figure out how to order room service, and watched awkward wedding movies. Good, solid, girl time.


Sunday was Wedding day and it was non stop. Sarah, her mother, and I woke up and went to the house at 7 am to put the finishing touches on everything. Then back to the hotel by 9 for breakfast, getting ready, photos, and more photos. Then the bridesmaids were off to the house to accept food, greet guests, and keep the ball rolling for the 2pm wedding. The wedding was beautiful, and perfect. The drive back was less so. 

I will share more photos later I'm sure, and I have a few sewing related posts to share because I was consumed by sewing projects for the wedding! Today Cordelia and I were kind of unproductive. We watched a couple of cartoons then drove out to fast food place with a play place (this might be my new tired day obsession) but, now I have lots of unpacking to do! 

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