Monday, September 30, 2013

Wedding Activity Books


A wedding can be a very boring affair for a kid, so after a suggestion from Sarah's soon to be sister in law (and good friend) I put together coloring books to keep the kids entertained during the less then action packed moments of the wedding. Each kid got a coloring book, an eight pack of crayons, and a card for them to color for the bride and groom.



A lot of the ideas for the book came from the one that this blogger made. She offers a free printable you can use, which really is wonderful. I recreated things (and added some new things) instead of directly using hers so I could make mine exactly the way I wanted it.  


The books had to be interesting for kids ages 2-10 which was a big challenge. In the end I decided to appeal to the older kids- figuring that Cordelia will color over anything, she doesn't care if it is a picture or a puzzle.



The cross word puzzle I made with an automated crossword maker by Discovery Education (found here). It's nice because it checks for accidental inappropriate words when it makes the puzzle.  The cartoon sketch of the bride and groom I drew myself. 




The books were a big hit so it was a  really gratifying project, and an idea I would recommend to others in the future!  


  1. katie you are SO creative! i love all robutton creations!

  2. This is an AWESOME idea! So well executed, too. Seriously a great and functional concept. I love that you included a picture of the bride and groom!


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