Thursday, January 30, 2014

Butterfly Gardens

 On Monday, Miss C and I took a spur of the moment trip to the Natural History Museum. Despite it being spur of the moment I was pretty well prepared. I dressed us nice and warm, packed water and snacks, carried a nice sensible back pack, and I brought my camera along so I could take nice, blog worthy photos, of my kid staring in amazement at just how big dinosaurs really are. It was all really perfect, except I left my memory card in my computer at home. Other than that the trip was wonderful, and I got a lot of really fun phone pictures of the trip. Maybe not having the camera was ok, it gave me more of a chance to relax and just take it all in.

So, these photos are not from that trip. I promised Cordelia we could go back, so hopefully later I'll be able to share photos from the museum. However, this give me the opportunity to share photos from another adventure we went on. We had soo much fun, and I had been meaning to post the pictures but never got around to it. Now looking at them she looks positively tiny- kids grow way too fast don't you think?

  Back in April (give or take a month or so) we went to Brookside Gardens to see their yearly butterfly exhibit. We also went the year before, but Cordelia wasn't really old enough to really understand the magic, so this trip was much more fun. It only costs a couple of dollars to get in, so this will be on our yearly "to do" list for quite a while. 

Cordelia went dressed in her signature look of the time- I had to hide this tinker bell costume when she finally grew out of it. All the people thought she was soo funny because she had dressed like "a butterfly to see the butterflies"

    Try my best, I could not get her to look at me- but in all fairness I don't think I would look at me when there were butterflies to check out.

I really like the variety of butterflies Brookside has, however from our trip to The Natural History Museum (Where we also saw butterflies) I have determined that I really like moths- is that weird? For the record I don't like the boring plain moths that fly around your security light at night, I like the fancy ones they keep in museums- I guess I am a moth snob. . . The museum includes several variety of moths in their exhibit along with the butterflies. 

One last photo for you before I say good night. I hope you are all keeping warm during these crazy cold days!

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  1. I really want to visit this place as well! When I talk to people around here about wanting to go to MD, they think I'm crazy, but I loved being there, and being so close to all the wonderful things in DC!


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