Monday, February 3, 2014

P is for Pirate

SO, I've become kinda attached to No Big Dill's sew all 26, so I think you will be seeing a least a few more of these posts! Maybe I'll make it to the end with everyone else and then I'll go back and catch the letters I missed. (I'm working on letter N, but it's for me so it doesn't have top priory right now LOL) This week is P week over on the blog so I bring you "P is for Pirate".

This dress is actually for my Etsy store , which I finally have launched and I am now working quickly to stock it and fine tune. However, don't feel bad for Cordelia because she already has a pirate dress (you can see it here) and I have to start sewing things so I can continue to be a mostly stay at home mom AND keep Cordelia in her gymnastics classes!

I'm really happy with this dress (and it's hard to let it go). I kept the colors on the neutral side so it could be mixed and matched with other colors, but I couldn't resist adding cute little red buttons on the back. 

The weather has been pretty wacky- we will have one day in the high 40s and the next day it will be snowing. We caught a warm day and so Missy was only too happy to get outside and "play movie star" and get her picture taken, and as always it was way too fun to photograph her. 


  1. The dress is darling and so is your little model! Love the red buttons!

  2. Such a great model! You were so right to add the little pop of red, absolutely perfect!


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