Monday, February 10, 2014

Funny Face

 So I guess I should preface this post- and these pictures- by saying that I do not think my daughter has a funny face. Rather, what I am referencing is the movie Funny Face, which is, by far, my favorite Audrey Hepburn film. In the movie Maggie Prescott tells Dick Avery that the women in her magazine must have "grace, elegance and pizazz" and Dick Avery tells her that every girl they have ever used in the magazine has had grace, elegance, and pizazz and "what's wrong with bringing out a girl who has character, spirit, and intelligence?"

I think Cordelia has a lot of pizazz, and I hope when she grows up she is both elegant and graceful (since neither are common attributes in two year olds). But most of all, in life, I wish her
character, spirit, and intelligence- and I'm happy to say that she has a pretty good start.

Anyways, thank you for making it through my rambling, I'm really writing today to show you some outtakes from the "photo shoots" Cordelia has been patient enough to sit for. She has been a total trooper letting me photograph her in various dresses for my etsy page! I couldn't be more grateful for this kid. 

Every time take pictures I always end up with these cute photos of Miss C that really have nothing to do with the dress she is wearing. So instead of leaving them stored on my computer I thought I would share them with you. 

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