Friday, February 28, 2014

February Revisited

February, you were a rough month, full of ups and downs. We celebrated many snow days full of valentine's  crafts, play dates with friends, snuggles, snow men, and movie time. I'm am proud of a lot of the cleaning and organizing I got done this month- I'm mostly caught up with laundry and you can actually walk into my closet! I'm trying to make our tiny home a little more functional and livable which means making the best of our space and getting rid of a lot of stuff- I donated six bags of clothing! I also tackled a HUGE basement organization project that I'm pretty proud of. I won a super cool camera strap from Corey over at Domestic 360, and on another awesome note- I had my first Etsy sale! We also had a lot of parenting ups- Cordelia is able to express herself even more with each days- there are very few days that she can't explain to me exactly what she wants and I love hearing her tell stories about her day and the things she has done. I have had a lot of teary eyed mommy moments because she seems like such a big kid! Question- what do you call a toddler that isn't a toddler anymore? It sounds silly but kid isn't descriptive enough of her age and smallness!

So there were a lot of good moments but there are a lot of things I wish had gone differently. 
 I wish I had done more to add to my Etsy store, I spent so much time cleaning that I neglected my sewing and creating. This seems to be the winter that never ends and because of it I think I have had a cold for all of February- and being cold and sick is hard on my spirits. There are also challenges with parenting a ever growing kid. Between sicknesses and growing she can be a major grump and now she has the words to be outright rude. This past week especially she has been doing this growling and eye rolling thing (today she even told me to LEAVE HER ALONE) It's like having a teenager. . . 

 Overall, I'm pretty happy and I'm really excited to see what March brings (hopefully warmer weather)


  1. Aw, I love the strap I have from Corey, too. She is just the best. Those are some precious snow pics =)

  2. Anytime you write about things going differently or doing more, I am still always in awe of all you do.


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