Thursday, June 13, 2013

Arrg Matey!


This week has been pretty eventful. Monday we took a trip to visit my grandfather (pictures coming soon, I swear), Tuesday I was feeling drained and under the weather,  and Wednesday Miss C contracted a stomach bug and spent the day throwing up on me- but! Brendon stopped on the way home from work and picked me up a new phone! I'm super excited, and now you guys will get prettier "over the weekend" cell phone pictures- win win! Miss C is doing better- she still has a slight fever, but her stomach is much better. After a busy day at work, that was punctuated by panicking about the crazy weather that ended up missing us, Brendon and I sitting around not doing much- which is kind of great. However, I want to take a break from being lazy to share some photos of a fun dress I made Miss C. 




So, we have already talked about my love of using "boys only" prints and subject matters when making Miss C clothes (for example). When I ran across this fabric by Alexander Henry I flipped I was so excited! Who doesn't love pirates? This was especially perfect too because Miss C points to the Captain and exclaims "Daddy!". 


The bodice of the dress is a coordinating Alexander Henry print and features a notch neck, small pleated sleeves, and three neat red buttons on the back. I bought these buttons back in high school, and it took me until now to find the prefect project to use them on. The skirt is pretty simple- with just box pleats and an invisible hem. I really wanted to let the print speak for itself, and I think the dress turned out darling. 


I'm going to go back to my lazy evening, I hope you are having a relaxing even as well! 


  1. I LOVE this dress! Nice work, Katie. The fabric is so cute and summery and I love that its not super girly.

  2. This dress IS darling! You did a great job!


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