Monday, June 10, 2013

Over the Weekend


Another fun filled, busy weekend at our house. Sometimes I wish we knew how to take it slow and be bums. However, this weekend was wonderful and exciting. While I was working on Saturday, Brendon and Miss C had a Daddy/Daughter date at the park. They road the carousel and the miniature train (hundreds of times)   and had a blast being silly and crazy. Brendon was awesome and sent me lots of pictures, but I was still a little jealous so, on Sunday, we went to Watkins park to see the animals and ride the carousel there.  


She doesn't look happy here, but she really was having fun I swear! 


It's soo much fun to look at the different animals- and the amazing details the artists put into them.


I know you have seen a lot of pictures of the animals at the Old Maryland Farm already- but I love animals and I think it is soo much fun that the farm is super close to us (and it's free!). It is really just all around amazing. 






Now when you ask Miss C what noise a peacock makes she makes a horrible, incredibly loud, shrieking/ cawing noise- just like a real peacock. 


Too bad they are so obnoxious to listen to because they sure are beautiful. I'm a little obsessed with peacocks, in fact a dear friend of mine always tells me that they are my spirit animal because of it. 


Brendon took this photo- It's making the face I make at Brendon when he forgets to take the trash out.



After the farm we found a nice little trail to the nature center. Finding the trail was a godsend because without it you have to walk past the giant park and no kid wants to pay attention at a nature center after they see a giant park- even if it is the coolest nature center in the area. 



Cordelia comparing her wingspan to a Red Tail Hawk.


Daddy and Cordelia comparing their wingspans to that of an Eagle.


Have I mentioned before how turtles are a really big deal to Miss C? We end up taking a lot of pictures of then because of that! 



Miss C Looks like such a big girl here! I look at this picture and I can see her as a teenager- please time slow down. I hope you and your family had amazing adventures this weekend! Any ideas about what we should do next weekend?

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