Thursday, June 20, 2013

Miss C's Pink and Navy Sundress


This is the first dress I made for Cordelia. I made it for her when I was pregnant and had no idea how small babies really are. I used a simplicty pattern- number 268, and while I love the dress it was much larger than I expected. I made the small, and I added a couple of inches to the bottom thinking that it looked a little short. I'm glad I added the length because it's taken two years for it to fit well and I think at the original length it would be too short now! The pattern was just too wide and the arm holes too long for my daughter, but it was an easy sew and the nice thing about kids is they always get bigger. 


Really Cordelia has been wearing the dress her whole life. We stuck her in it for a wedding when she was only about four months old (it didn't matter that it was too long because she wasn't walking), and then from time to time I would bring it out and she would wear it as a maxi dress, but I would always look at it on her and mope because it was soo big. 



It's nice to finally have it fit well. The dress is made out of a calico cotton I picked up at Joann Fabrics. It has a zipper in the back and a coordinating grosgrain ribbon trim. The flower by the neck was the first ribbon flower I had ever made and I was so proud of it! 



  1. Adorbs!! I love that she has had it her whole life. You need to find some super clever Katie way of making sure it can be turned into something she can have forever and ever.

    1. Maybe it will have to be reinvented as a bag ;) we have a book about a girls favorite dress that her mom reinvents as something else everytime she grows!


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