Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ten Things That Make Me Happy This Tuesday


Ever have a really bad day but then a really great evening? Today I did. I woke up groggy and depressed, or maybe not really depressed but "blah". I went to work and did fine, but then was hit with a crazy wave of stomach pain and stomach issues (story of my life) and have I to leave early. From there I spent three hours at my mom's wondering why life is so terrible and what I ever did to deserve such misery.  But, then I came home and was smacked over the head by how lucky I am, and how wonderful and happy my life really is. 

# 1. I got this cute little card and cheerful note in the mail from my best friend! Who doesn't love mail? Real mail- the kind of mail that makes you want to bounce around and sing that silly song from Blues Clues? She sent me this letter just to make me smile! And it worked- in fact it inspired the blog post. How cool is it to have a friend that thinks about you- not just when you are together, but thinks about ways to make you smile and cheer you up when you are apart! 

# 2. I'm spoiled today in the mail department because look at this super cool surprise bundle of fabric that my Mother in Law bought and sent to me! All for little Miss C. Clothes. I can't wait to get some things sewn up and share them with you! I especially love the Abby print, and the Richard Scary print! 

# 3. Knowing that I wasn't feeling well my hubby cooked me an awesome dinner- which in fact stayed in my stomach! I never thought I would be able to eat dinner after feeling so rotten. He could have cooked anything and I would have been happy, but he cooked my all time favorite veggie- brussel sprouts! I know, you know think I am a freak, but I you can convert anyone to loving brussel sprouts when you roast them in the oven with bacon. (My sister who is a vegetarian does not count, in fact I can hear her gagging as she reads this)

# 4. Today when Cordelia woke up from her nap she was freaked out, and overheated and she called for me and wanted me to sit and hold her. So we sat, cuddled together, talking and reading books for almost an hour. I cherish the moments we snuggle because, I miss the days when I rocked her to sleep, the days when I held her all day long. I know that as she gets older the cuddling will get less and less until it disappears. I think it's more than just the cuddling too, right now Cordelia believes that I have the power to make everything better. I can make the bad dreams go away, I can make the boo boos stop hurting, and for the most part, I can make everything better for her right now. That makes me happy. 

#5. I kill plants. I don't mean too, but I kill plants like it's my job. This plant is still alive and that fills me with joy. 

#6. While I was dying from stomach pain, my Dad completed the painful process of getting Cordelia to sleep- something he does at least four times a week. Four times a week he drops everything to get her to take a nap. That's love, and devotion. 

#7. I have decided that I loved newborn, infant, and toddler stages- I never thought I would enjoy kids, but this has been soo much fun! However, I am not a big fan of the terrible twos. Cordelia is demanding, defiant and difficult right now. She pushes my buttons and makes me crazy, and almost every day she does that to my sister. Shauna watches Miss C while I work. They learn about colors, animals, numbers, words, crafting- they do everything! I am soo grateful and soo happy that I have such a great person to look after, and to teach my child while I work. I am equally grateful that Shauna watches Miss C every time we ask her too, she never hesitates and she never says no, even tho Miss C is a challenge right now. 

#8. This is silly, but mason jars make me happy. Nothing is better than ice water out of a mason jar when you are overheated and feel rotten. Nothing stays cold like a mason jar, it's perfection. 

#9. My job makes me happy. I know it's not a career, but I am so happy that I work at a job where I can call out if Cordelia is sick, or leave early when I am without having my boss guilt me- I feel guilty enough thank you. I work someplace where I don't have to justify how I spent my time that day. I have free agency at work! This job is like home, and I am happier and less stressed for it. 

#10. I'm feeling very spoiled and lucky today. Look at the beautiful box and necklace Gram brought me back from her trip to Chicago. I didn't even know that she knew I liked peacocks. I'm thrilled to wear this tomorrow!

What makes you happy? What filled your Tuesday with sunshine?


  1. Aww, well I'm so glad you were able to turn your tuesday into a great day! :) I hope your feeling better!! <3 <3

  2. It's so good to stop and think about a list of good things when we're feeling overwhelmed. Very good advice, Katie. :)


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