Monday, July 8, 2013

Over the 4th of July Weekend


For the most part, I'm not a big fan of summer. Humidity, heat, bugs, pools, swim suits- it's just really not my thing. I do however, love fireworks. The first year Brendon and I lived together, he told me that he wasn't interested in watching the fireworks. I told him it was ok- we didn't have to go. I cried  as soon as I started hearing the booms outside and I realized that I really wish we had gone. I have to admit that I didn't know that I felt so strongly about them until that moment. For me fireworks have all these great memories of watching them with my mom, who loves fireworks. With each crackle and boom she would say "ooooh" and "ahhhh"!



Going to see fireworks with a kid is just plain hard. You have to make sure you pick a spot that is close enough to actually see, but not so close that the noise will be terrifying. That space must also allow you an easy exit in case your kid decides that fireworks are the most horrible thing in the entire world. You have to remember to bring lots of snacks and toys to keep your kid entertained while you wait (for what seems like hours) for the excitement to start. Lastly, and I think the most difficult part, you have to actually be willing to leave- mid fireworks display- if it is really upsetting to your child. 

We were lucky, we almost had to leave because Miss C freaked out, but she decided they weren't so bad if she were sitting in the car, with mommy saying "ooooh" and "ahhhh" with every colorful boom.



Saturday we visited Cordelia's godparents for the evening. We played with the turtles, cooked out, ate s'mores, and had a blast feeling like we were two again. 




This is "bubble cat" a toy the godparents picked up for Miss C to play with there. Cordelia has never been so amused with anything. She had so much fun being able to power all of the bubbles herself and it was loads of fun for us too because we were able to keep up with her bubble enthusiasm. Normally I get pretty worn out from having to keep blowing bubbles, this way we all got to enjoy playing in them. 




Including Daddy.     


Beautiful hydrangeas growing in the garden- I've never seen any that look like these before.


The largest butterfly bush I've ever seen too. 


Miss C made friends with this little guy. 



Miss C had soo much fun dancing and doing yoga in the yard with her godmother. My kid is super lucky to have two such wonderful, and fun, people in her life. 

Sunday we spent just the three of us. We took Miss C to a nice flat, open parking lot for some practice on her tricycle. She had her first accident too when she lost her balance and toppled over. I think it was more upsetting for me than it was for her. 

Later in the afternoon daddy filled up the pool for some swimming time. Our daughter is such a little fish, she loves to be in the water. She kept trying to float and swim, she was laughing the whole time. It was perfect. I hope you had a perfect weekend too. 

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