Thursday, July 18, 2013

Visiting Granddad

Dear Cordelia,

I wish that when you grow to be my age that you could look back and remember now- this age, this time in your life, this trip. This trip was a series of moments I wish to hold forever in my mind, moments I wish that you could hold forever. As much as I wish that you will never feel the need to hold moments close to you heart to fight against the sadness and stress of the every day world, I know that one day, you will understand this need. I hope that this will help paint the picture of our beautiful family weekend with your great grandfather.


As we drove over the bay bridge we told you to look out the window and see the water- this is the first long road trip that you stayed awake the entire ride- which means that this is the first time you could see the water as we crossed the bridge. You kept saying "Feet WaWa" "Feet WaWa" begging us to let you put your fee in the water. We promised you that when we got to granddad's you could put your feet in the water. We kept repeating that promise to you for the rest of the hour and a half drive and the hour long dinner. 


You waded right into the water. It shocked me because you have never  wanted to go anywhere near it before. I always packed your swim suit, and swim diaper, and towel just in case but you would always cry whenever we strayed near the water. In fact I was totally unprepared,  I didn't have any of your swim stuff.  You loved the beach, and trying to get you to leave was torture- but you would never go near the water. Now I can't wait to go back. 



You started by just putting your feet in. Then you started splashing- and letting more of your body get wet. After what seemed like only moments you sunk down into the water letting your feet fan out behind you. You kept giggling and smiling and saying "swim, swim" "swim, swim". 


After we left the beach we went back to Granddad's. You ran around like crazy, opening all of the jars of goodies on the coffee table, and taking books off the shelf to "read". Finally, when you wore yourself out you climbed into Granddad's lap (with lovey) and watched Animal Planet with him. You should have seen his eyes, you can tell just how taken he is with you- with being able to sit there and watch t.v with his great granddaughter. 

That night, when we went to bed, we were nervous about how you would sleep. We haven't  had much luck with you sleeping anywhere but your crib. It started out ok, you got in your port-a-crib (and stayed in it) but then you woke up in the middle of the night panicked because you didn't know where you were. We let you sleep in the middle of our bed, something we never do for fear it would become a trend. When I woke up the next morning I rethought every idea I had about co-sleeping. It was such a peaceful moment to wake up next to you- to be able to cuddle you close to you and hold you as you woke up. The sun was shinning through the blinds, and the birds were tweeting away and when you woke up you gave this big yawn and looked right in my eyes and smiled. You melted my heart right then. This moment will never leave me, no matter what happens in life, this moment was perfect. 


After breakfast we drove over to Eastern Neck Island- Granddad wanted to show you the butterfly garden on the island.  He was soo disappointed because there were only a handful of butterfly's- and the bushes weren't as large as he had remembered. He wanted to show you something that he remembered as being magical. I kept trying to tell him how much you loved looking at bugs and you were very content to look at the bumble bees, but he just didn't understand. It was sad to see him disappointed, but you were so happy and as we were walking the garden you reached out and grabbed his hand to pull him a long and his face lit up. 




You were very fascinated by the bumble bees, I think you would have watched them for hours if we had let it. It's funny how sometimes you haven't the patience for anything and sometimes we have to pull you away because you are transfixed.  


Eastern Neck is covered in little viewing areas- so you can watch the wildlife. It's very beautiful out there- everything was fresh and green, and the air was that perfect salty crisp you smell when you are right on the water. 







On the drive out we even saw some wild turkeys! And baby wild turkeys! 

When we went back to the house Daddy and I cooked lunch while you ran like a holy terror throughout the house. You pulled everything out of your diaper bag until you found a pair of socks. You kept bringing the socks to Granddad to make him put them on your feet. You would climb up into his lap and fuss till he would put them on you, then you would run out to the kitchen and make us look at your feet. As soon as we would look you would sit down, take the socks off, and return to make Granddad put them on you again. It made Granddad chuckle. 

I love you Miss C, I really enjoyed this weekend with you,


Your mommy 


  1. I am so happy you spend time with my dad. He enjoys it soooo much.

  2. What a beautiful picture of her on the bridge. Precious.


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