Monday, July 22, 2013

Over the Weekend With a Princess


It's really magical when your kid asks to wear something you made- I think more princess dresses are on my "to do" list because it's the only mommy made thing she is ever dying to wear! This weekend was all about "adventuring". Daddy had Miss C pick out "adventuring clothes" and we went to have an "adventure meal" (at Chipotle) and then we went Geocaching for the first time. It was pretty cool, and I was proud that we figured out the clue and found the item! That was Saturday's adventure, Sunday we lounged around, watched cartoons and then we had an adventure car wash. This is the outfit she picked out, her Cinderella dress, pink elephant shorts, and fish flip flops. 


I love how kids just go for things. Cordelia doesn't know that she isn't supposed to wear her princess dress to wash the car, she wears it because it makes her happy, and she soaks herself because it makes her happy. She doesn't have to worry about stains, or laundry (we had three outfit changes on Sunday) or being uncomfortable in wet clothes. No worry, just fun. 


I have to worry less, I have to be more like her and just have fun. I'm working on it but I have a long way to go. I often worry about everything, groceries, money, the house, my future, am I living up to my potential, am I writing in the blog enough, are people reading the blog, do I visit my grandparents enough, why did my one friend stop talking to me, am I feeding Miss C enough veggies, am I eating enough veggies, does she play with kids enough or is she going to turn into an anti-social hermit. . . and it goes on. Sometimes I worry about everything so much that I then become useless and don't get anything done because I'm so daunted. 


I think I learn more from Miss C than she learns from me. 



So while I am not the best at playing and having fun and being rambunctious and I worry too much- I'm learning, and that's all I can ask for. 



  1. Aww Katie! I totally feel the same way, I worry a lot too.. about like everything you wrote in your list! And its so great to watch little kids, because they haven't been told whats wrong or right yet, so its just amazing when you spend time with them & their in the moment of things! :) <3

  2. How fitting she's cleaning in a Cinderella type dress! XD


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