Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the costumes, the candy, the decorations-even the time of year makes Halloween the best. Having Cordelia has made Halloween even better. Brendon and I are not party people, so dressing up to go to "grown up" parties, or bars, is not even on our radar- but having an excuse to dress up and take our kid trick or treating (not to mention kid parties) really gives me the chance to enjoy Halloween! 

This is the fourth year Cordelia has dressed up- the fourth year that I have made her costume, and my third homemade family costumes! (one year only she got a costume because I was working a lot and sometimes you just gotta let go). This year was especially difficult because three year olds are fickle! We have been talking about costumes for months and stuck with one thing for more than a month and a half- so two weeks into October she is still going strong with the same idea, I purchase fabric, and then the next morning she says "mommy, I want to be a princess for Halloween".I begged and pleaded and finally decided to embrace it.  We spent a couple of days talking about what kind of princess and she picked Aurora, in the blue dress. 

I'm happy she liked the blue dress best, it's my favorite, and Sleeping Beauty does wear it most of the movie ;) However, the fabric was very hard to nail down because everything at the fabric store is Elsa colored! The sleeves and underskirt are costume satin, and bodice is brocade, the over skirt is from the casa collection and the white detail on the top is stretch poplin (because that's what I had at home) all purchased during multiple fabric store trips to Joanns!

The best part of Cordelia deciding to be Aurora is that I got to be my all time favorite villain- Maleficent!   

Maleficent is beautiful and evil, and I love love loved the live action version of her story that came out this year.  Brendon decided he wanted to be her crow, more so based from the new movie and not the old- but I think we look pretty neat together! 

Actually, to be honest, I am very glad that we live in the age of digital cameras because my dear sister took 200 photos of us and we are very bad at looking in the same direction at the same time and not making terrible faces! 

I made myself a long black jersey maxi dress, using Kitchy Coo's Lady Skater Dress, my horns are black duct tape and aluminium foil, my sister made the large stand up collar, and I layered on a obi belt and drape front cardi.

For Brendon's crow costume we up-cycled a zip up sweatshirt with felt feathers and a whole lot of fabric tac (I was running out of time!)  and we were lucky enough to stumble across his mask on super sale at Joann's. 

I think one of the most exasperating things about Cordelia being a princess is how silly people react to it- When we told people we got a lot "oh of course she is a princess"- and you see so many "parenting done right" posts online about families where the girls are dressed as super heroes and such, and it feels almost like we loose "parenting points" for the fact we all LOVE Disney! Sleeping Beauty isn't the most girl empowering Princess out there, but she was kind and gentle to animals and the film is beautifully drawn- and hey Cordelia had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party,she loves princesses and bugs and super heroes, and I love letting her decide what she likes! 


I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

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