Saturday, November 22, 2014

Trick or Treat


Halloween is by far my favorite holiday- I mean, how could you go wrong with costumes and candy? This year was our first year giving our neighborhood a shot for trick or treating and we were not disappointed! So many excellently decorated houses!!!


Cordelia was a trooper. She walked and walked and walked and despite being soo totally excited she bounced off the walls ALL day, she wasn't too big of a grump. I was impressed by how fearless she was of the people dressed up as skeletons, zombies, and mad scientists- she even walked up to Michael Myers sitting in the dark to get candy ( I might have skipped that- house because they scared me!). I know we don't really want our kids willing to walk up to strangers and take candy, but the funny thing was that she was petrified of  the plain clothes dressed people- one nice guy even made her cry- so I don't think I have to worry too much about her willingly wandering off with a stranger. 


Our biggest struggle was keeping her warm! It was such a cold night- normally I make her costumes big enough to fit multiple layers underneath it but it had been such a warm October I decided I didn't need to. Well I won't be making that mistake again!  

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