Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before- and if I did, you still might not know because I am lucky enough to have gained a few new readers!!! My Birthday is December 24th. It's my own Nightmare Before Christmas- I know, that's a little dramatic, but for so long I really hated my birthday. However, it's part of me and I'm learning to accept it and love it (which also makes it very Nightmare Before Christmas) 

I am such a procrastinator that I'm always left with a ton of work to do in preparation for Christmas- I hope I am not the only one up late baking and wrapping presents on December 24th, it's just super stinky because it's my birthday! Anyways, as part of my procrastination my full Sew Geeky outfit isn't finished- hopefully it will be posted later this week. Actually, because of the Holidays you can expect to see Sew Geeky from now until New Years! Which I think is fantastic because this month is one very near to my heart because it's Tim Burton month!

 I adore so many of Burton's films that is has been very hard to focus on one movie and one outfit. Sweeney Todd, Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands , Alice in Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow, and Nightmare Before Christmas are among some of my favorites. Cordelia loves Nightmare Before Christmas and went through a period where she wanted to watch it twice a day. She always tells me she wants the scary thing to live under her bed. So when I realized I wouldn't get my big project done for today (and I really really wanted to post something today) I decided it was a great opportunity to finish up a dress that has been sitting on my sewing desk for well over a month!

Nightmare Before Christmas

I had originally intended on making this dress a short dress- but I accidentally cut the skirt portion too long. However, Cordelia has been obsessed with long dresses and she refused to let me trim it more! 

Nightmare Before Christmas

The body of the dress is a t-shirt I picked up from Hot Topic ages ago. The stripe knit is from Girl Charlee - It was too light weight for the project I bought it for, but it worked well for this! I used Kitschy Coo's Skater Dress as the base for the dress. I let the size of the print on the t-shirt dictate the length of the bodice which meant it ended up with a drop waist- which I'm really digging! Cordelia's favorite part of the dress is the uneven hem- she loved how it twirled and swings when she moves. 

Nightmare Before Christmas

I normally don't take photos inside, but it has been sooo gray and rainy it's yucky and I love rain! I did manage to snap this one in our very short attempt to get outside photos- I love how happy she is. It is fun to be able to make things that are totally what Cordelia is in to at the moment, especially since she often likes things that aren't totally "normal" for her age and gender. Anyways be sure to check out the Sew Geeky Blog to keep tabs on all the other awesome Tim Burton posts (i'll try to add links to this post as other bloggers post too). Right now you can check out an awesome post over on Amelie and Atticus - I am absolutely in love with her recreation of Katrina Van Tassel's dress from Sleepy Hollow. It's one of my favorite dresses and she did an amazing job with it!  All right guys- have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!! 


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