Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: A Year in Review


This year started out pretty rough. I'm never at my happiest during the winter but this year was even harder because I was doing some major soul searching. Looking back despite the hard times, it wasn't all bad. Cordelia finished up her first ballet class, we got to spend most Sundays with her godparents,and I spent a lot of time hanging out with Cordelia- some days it was really tough but those are days I'll never get back and I'm glad I had that time. We also really enjoyed our snow days! It's fun to have Papa home from work, to have snow ball fights, and to drink lots and lots of hot chocolate. 


In February the snow days started to get a little long, We were all soo tired of snow, and soo tired of being cooped up inside but we learned just how awesome having neighbors is. We spent so many fun "happy hours" visiting at different houses- sharing cookies and wine. Brendon and I had made Valentines day plans but our babysitter ended up snowed in so instead we went to dinner as a family. It was really wonderful and I think I might want to spend Valentines day like that every year! Also- I sold my first item on Etsy! 


In March we were really, utterly, completely sick of the snow- and man did it keep snowing. Not only had we been snowed in for Valentine's day but we were also snowed in for St. Patrick's Day! Fortunately we had a nice clear, but very windy, first day of spring and Sarah and I were able to go to the Botanical Gardens. We have made a tradition of doing something on the first day of spring each year- hopefully it will be an always and forever thing and that when we are 95 years old we will be forcing our grandchildren to drive us to see each other. Or maybe we will just retire to the same nursing home. 



In April we watched the Hyattsville parade with our neighbors. It was fun to watch the kids dance with all the step teams and marching bands, and run for the candy thrown from the fancy cars. We even got to wave at Mr. Edward in one of those fancy cars! I participated in my first Kids Clothing Week - and I got nine pieces of clothing sewn for Miss C that week! And we took a trip to the Natural History Museum to say goodbye to the dinosaurs (Cordelia still asks at least once a week if they are open again and if we can visit them- it's going to be a very long five years at this rate). The biggest event in April was Cordelia's 3rd birthday. I cannot believe how fast these last three years have gone, so much happens so fast! On the day of her birth we took her to see her first movie in a movie theater (Rio #2) she loved it and ate more then half the super sized popcorn by herself.  After that we painted pottery (a unicorn), and then got our nails done. Cordelia requested a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party, and we sure gave her one! Brendon and Cordelia were in heaven, in fact I'm not sure which one enjoyed it more! 


May was another big birthday month as we got to help my mom celebrate her 60th! I have the best mom in the world and it was so nice to be able to put on a great part for her (which one day I might actually manage to blog about). We collected letters and well wishes from all of her friends and nothing was more sweet then reading them and seeing how many people my mom has touched.  May also had it's fair share of adventures including meeting Anna Dewdney and listening to her read her new book "Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too". One of the neatest parts of meeting Ms. Dewdney was that her daughter is also named Cordelia! Brendon ran his first 5K, and one with obstacles none the less. However after running the Warrior Dash I think he never wanted to run again because he ached soo much! Cordelia also gained a new kitten best friend- baby bean. 


June was a month of strawberry picking, princess dresses, family walks, summer jam, and glasses. It was such a change for Cordelia and she was soo brave during the doctors appointments, and soo good at learning to wear glasses. It was hard for me because I know just how much it can stink to wear glasses, but man does she look cute in them, and most importantly she sure can see better now! 


July was low key for us- because July is hot! I also have no recollection of what we did! I do know we watched fireworks with some great friends and the kids loved them!



In August we took our first big family vacation/road trip. We went to New York and Vermont, and it was beautiful. It was also long, and I never knew how cranky kids could be on vacation! I started participating in Sew Geeky, and I am so glad I started because it's my number one reason to fight for sewing time these days! Brendon took me on a date to see Avenue Q- which was great, and I went back to school. 


Calcifer hood

September was a lost month as I struggled to get into the grove of being a part time student, part time sales clerk, and full time wife and mother. School with a three year old at home is 100 times harder then school as a regular student! Sew Geeky, and nature walks saved my sanity. 


Pipe Weekend Anniversary

In October Brendon and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary at a pipe show. It was such a big step for my hubby and his pipe making that it was worth it. We also really took advantage of Halloween with pumpkin patches, Halloween parties galore and awesome costumes


November was low key- I struggled more with school and we celebrated Brendon's birthday. We took a zoo trip, I got better at styling my hair, and we took more family walks. The thing that stands out to me the most was I became a lot closer to one of my friends and I am sure happy I did because she really helped talk me down whenever I got way too stressed out. 


Christmas Dresses 2014

December is always a very busy month. This month I finished my class with a B!!!! Sewed a lot, did Christmas, and finally got to truly relax and reflect. I've been thinking a lot about how fast Cordelia is growing, how tall and smart and pretty. She makes up words to songs and tells me stories- both made up and true. She has endless energy that I will never even hope to match. I've been thinking about how lucky I am to have such great people in my life, and how lucky I am to call Brendon my husband. No one will ever have as much unwavering confidence in my abilities than my husband does. Life is unbelievably hard sometimes but right now I'm really seeing the silver lining. Happy New Year's Eve everyone- see you in 2015! 

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