Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dear Cordelia, Happy Birthday to You.


Brendon and I have a great kid. A really truly, fantastic kid. She loves so many things, and with such enthusiasm- which is a really cool part about this age, she always seems soo willing to throw her arms around my neck and tell me how much she loves me, or how happy she is to see me, or how much she has missed me. So far age three is all about emotions! Ecstatically happy, or dramatically upset- total roller coaster. Anyways, she has many many passions-  Bugs, animals, singing, riding her bike, princesses, art, and Ninja Turtles. Right now, especially Ninja Turtles. Which is why she requested a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Party. 

The challenge then became how to make the theme fit her! She is as girly as she is a tom boy and I knew she would be totally disappointed if there was no pink involved. So, I came up with the idea of making her the 5th Ninja Turtle- making her into a ninja turtle- the pink ninja turtle.





We didn't go crazy with the pink turtle but it was a great jumping off point, and I feel like it tied in the pink cups, forks, and balloons. And these super cute (and tasty- creamcicle flavored) cupcakes my sister made- with awesome toppers our other sister made! I am lucky to have such a creative and talented family. 


We ate veggies, fruit, Oreo "man hole covers", marshmallow pops in the key TMNT colors, chocolate pretzel  turtles, and pizza of course. 


The chocolate pretzel turtles were the best- and super easy! It's just a small pretzel with a piece of candy melted on it- I used Recee's cups, Andes mints, Kisses, and Rolos. I have such an all consuming obsession when it comes to party planning, making lists, thinking up new ideas (with lots of help from Pinterest, check out my party board!getting everything done, but when it comes to the day of the party I never manage to stop and really get good photos! It makes me nuts at the end of the day. 


One of the things I most enjoyed about this party was that it was the first party Cordelia really had friends at- kids her age! Kids I got to make goodie bags for and plan activities for! The bags I made, and they were filled with coloring books, stickers, bubbles, TMNT masks, homemade green slime (mutagen!), and temporary tattoos. 


For activities we had "Ninja Training" where the kids fought balloons (and each other) with foam swords made by Brendon, "Target Patrice" was a bean bag toss made by me, "Make a Ninja" was a play dough station- with homemade play dough made by my sister, and you could "Take a Picture With a Ninja" thanks to the amazing photo station painted by my brother and sister in law! 





She must have left food on her face. 



It was such a fun party- and it was really neat to watch her open all her presents, and inspect everything, and get soo genuinely excited and grateful for everything. I'm really grateful for my family who helped sooo sooo very much, and to everyone who came out to help make Cordelia's 3rd Birthday amazing!    

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