Friday, May 23, 2014

Ninja Turtle Princess Dress


In my last post I talked about Cordelia's third birthday- but I didn't mention what she was wearing! Part of creating a perfectly girly, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, birthday party means coming up with a girly Ninja Turtle outfit! Or in her words- a princess ninja turtle outfit. 


My hubby gets a lot of credit for helping come up with this design. We spent a lot of time bouncing ideas back and forth. I knew the dress had to be long, because Cordelia adores twirling and swishing in long dresses, and really no Disney princess wears a short dress right? He came up with the idea of the medallion on the belt having her own initial, and not one of the turtles from the show. He also kept me in check when I thought the belt went under the shell and not over it!

So after I sketched it out, and refined some things, off to the fabric store I went to buy more calico cotton- because if I can't make it out of calico or novelty quilter cotton, I'm probably not making it at all ;-) 


The green is a speckled/uneven tone which I thought made it look extra turtle-ish, the shell is a similar pattern but a much darker green, and the yellow has tiny vines and flowers. I added lots of brown top stitching to create the look of stomach and the shell. I forgo-ed a mask, or a pink headband to give the idea of a mask, because I knew there would be no way she would keep it on and it would make me nuts for the afternoon! 


The shell has batting in between it's layers to add weight and stiffness- so it could stand up on it's own and really give the idea of a shell, even when people looked at her from the front. I like that it adds a cape like effect too- which is very princess like. The best part of the whole dress:

It's machine washable, and the pink frosting came off it just fine. 

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