Monday, May 19, 2014

Vintage May


After thinking up a garment, picking out fabric, sewing it up, bribing the three year old to smile for photos, and then editing said photos, thinking up a name for a blog post is hard work! Actually, sometimes writing that blog post at all is pretty hard (hence the silence on the blog). Vintage May is a yearly sewing series thought up by the lovely ladies at Craftiness is Not Optional and Skirt as Top. I love seeing the beautiful creations by all the participants, and the readers creations too- which you can check out in the Vintage May flickr group! Really, I'm kinda a vintage enthusiast so this is an exciting month for me! 

Simplicity 376

For this outfit I decided to use one of my Mother's vintage patterns- I think she used look 1 when she made it for my brother back in the day, However, I picked look 4, and decided to make the whole thing a little unconventional by using floral instead of a traditional sailor look. Overall the romper was fun to make- even if the instructions at times were a little vague. 


The floral cotton was ordered from to make a dress for me, but once I saw it in person I decided the colors wouldn't look terrific with my skin tone- and I really am not big on wearing white. Lucky for me, Miss C doesn't really have the same complication and she hasn't met a color that didn't look good on her. It was nice to do a project using only materials I had on hand- including the red rick rack which is vintage (handed down by my grandmother). 




For our photos we went to the Franciscan Monastery- the gardens are beautiful and during the day it's very peaceful. I was hoping that all of the roses would be in bloom, but we will have to go back in a week or two because only a few bushes were ready. 


The hat is one I found around the house- it actually has a black band on it, but I added the red stripe so it would match her "look". She actually did a pretty good job keeping it on which surprised me!




It was fun how Cordelia had to stop at every patch of flowers to smell them, now she is very runny nosed even though I gave her allergy medicine- man spring is tough, but thank goodness we have finally said goodbye to all the snow! 

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  1. Those legs thou.. You can tell she plays rough with her daddy!


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