Tuesday, April 15, 2014

KCW Round Up



Kid's Clothing Week was an adventure. At times it was thrilling, and at times it was just plain exhausting. During the past week I made four pairs of leggings, two tops, one skirt, one dress, and one hoodie. Nine whole projects in one week! The problem is that there is still soo much more I wanted to do!!! Crazy right? I really needed to make a couple pairs of shorts- and at least one other top. I guess that's what summer KCW will be for. I did challenge myself to work with, and expierence with knits and I am really glad that I did- I have so many ideas of things to make now! I think the most challenging part of the whole week was finding time to photograph, and blog the outfits. Coming up with ideas, making them come to life, photographing, blogging, AND working is a lot for a week. I do however, thrive off of deadlines so having deadlines was fantastic! Did any of you guys sew a long this week? What did you think of the whole experience? Do you think you will do it again?

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