Friday, April 11, 2014

Kids Clothing Week: Outfit Three, What I Would Have Worn


The theme of Kids Clothing Week this spring is "Mini Me". I was a little stumped at first by the theme (which is totally optional) so far I have done one outfit that was made from something of mine, one outfit that really had nothing to do with the theme, and now I give you one outfit that is something I totally would have worn. Which brings me to this question- how come I never made myself shinny spandex pants? I wore all sorts of  crazy things over the years- and I really don't regret any of it, most of it I would never wear again, but I love that I have always had fun with fashion. 


The fabric for these pants I bought on a whim yesterday while I was picking up buttons for this Knight Hoodie, and I'm glad I did because Cordelia was really ecstatic when she saw them. I'm not used to working with knits or spandex so I made them too big and they grew a bit as she wore them, so I have some adjusting to do. However, I think they were a perfect compliment to the hoodie.


 I made this hoodie from Charming Doodle's Pattern and I cannot recommend this pattern more. The instructions are wonderfully clear and the end result is just soo fun!


This is the second Knight Hoodie I have made and it won't be the last. In fact I am anxiously awaiting the release of the pattern in adult sizes. My nephew is dying for one- I'm thinking black and charcoal gray with neon green stitching- but that could change many times before I make it. One of the people who tested the pattern for Charming Doodle made the hoodie out of wool and I love the look and I'm thinking about doing the same for a light winter jacket for Cordelia. 


I cut down two sweatshirts for fabric, and used fun, light pink, sparkly buttons. I like the way it turned out, and at the same time, I like how many ways I can change it for the next one when she grows! 



  1. Katie, this is one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen! I am going to have to get that pattern. I just love the way you make traditionally boy thing or patterns girly. Miss C is one lucky little girl!


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