Friday, April 4, 2014

Kids Clothing Week, Spring 2014

kid's clothes week

Since I started reading sewing blogs I have been amazed by Kids Clothing Week- I love stalking the blogs to see the amazing creations these creative and talented mamma's make for their kids- and I also love checking out the pictures of the messy sewing rooms on Instagram when the week is over! If you aren't familiar with Kids Clothing Week it is a seasonal sewing challenge where you commit to take a hour a day- every day for a week to sew for your kids. It's amazing how big a community participates in the challenge.   

This year, I'm excited to tell you that I registered to participate! I have my sewing desk cleaned off, my projects planned, my fabric picked out- and I cannot wait to get started. And on top of it all I talked my friend Corey into participating too- If you don't follow her you totally should, she blogs all sorts of great D.I.Y projects and amazing recipes- both paleo and delightfully chocolaty- over at Domestic 360.   Wish us luck, and stay tuned for posts with Cordelia rocking her new clothing!  

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