Monday, April 14, 2014

Kids Clothing Week: Outfit Four, Mini Me


I originally thought I would just make outfits that looked like things I would wear, or I would recreate an outfit that I wore as a child. However, then I started thinking how cute it would be, just this once, to really make Cordelia a mini me. 


So, just this once, I did. We will probably never wear these outfits at the same time ever again, but it was fun for these photos! 


I made my skirt several years ago, and my chambray I purchased while working at Madewell. I was a little resistant to the chambray idea in the beginning, but i'm glad I caught on in the end because it's a go to in my wardrobe. If you don't know what to pair something with- pair it with chambray and you will be golden.


I didn't want to make Cordelia a button up chambray because she normally doesn't dig button up shirts, I did want to make it collared to keep the two tops similar so I added a darling peter pan collar, and the top zips up the back to add some fun. The skirt is a simple circle skirt (with built in shorts for modesty while twirling). I think we look pretty cute together! 

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