Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Girl And Her Cat

C and Pig

Life often moves too fast. Normally, when I mention that fact on the blog, I am referring to the rate in which Miss C is growing. However, today I am talking about my cat Pig. And despite the fact that I am only showing pictures of Cordelia and Pig, this post is really about Pig and I. 

C and Pig

Don't worry guys, Pig is still with us, and still beloved by many. Right before Christmas he started licking the hair off his legs pretty bad, and then the weather turned colder and he started limping, and not getting up, and crying, and loosing weight. I was in tears all the time, I thought he was done for. 

C and Pig

I tend to be a little dramatic, and he was not done for. Our Aunt gave us some medicine and it worked wonders. On especially cold days he still limps a bit, but no more crying and he is able to run and jump like normal. However, it got me thinking. Do I spend enough time with Pig? Do I pay as much attention to him as I should? When the day comes that Pig leaves us will I feel like I spent enough time with him, or will I regret pushing him off my lap so I could focus on my sewing project?

 In the end I realized that maybe I don't. I spend soo much of my time doing, mending, cleaning, organizing, studying, sewing, entertaining, making busy. I think I need to spend more time enjoying my little family, and doing less. We can call it my New Years resolution- to spend more time enjoying the company of the people I love. To learn how to spend time that isn't defined by accomplishing a "project". To slow down. 

C and Pig

He has been my friend for 13 years, and pets are such wonderful friends. Pig greets me when I come home, he sits with me when I cry and cuddles when I need to be cuddled- he deserves my time. Pets never judge, and they never hurt your feelings. I know I sound like a crazy cat lady- and I am ok with that, Cordelia and I are crazy cat ladies, I have no doubt about that. 

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