Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kids Clothes Week: Round Up


All in all I would say it was a pretty successful Kids Clothes Week. I didn't get everything photographed and blogged, but I did manage one top, two pairs of pants, one sweatshirt, and one dress but most importantly I took the time to sew a little bit each day- which is the whole point right?


I've been meaning to add a "winter" princess dress to Cordelia's collection for awhile and just hadn't managed it yet, and while it isn't upcycled, I figured KCW was as good of an excuse as any! I basically used Kitchy Coo's skater dress with a couple of modifications. I added poet sleeves, the paneling in the bodice, and the skirt is just a long rectangle instead of the shape in the original pattern. Cordelia was really tickled by the dress and wore it a ton of times before she would consent to a "photo shoot". I also made a pair of the best fitting leggings I have ever made her- but I never got a real picture of them (she has been a little cranky the past couple of days).


I actually did most of my sewing this week for one of Cordelia's best friends. It's was the week of Echo's second birthday and I kept putting off sewing her gift! (Not because I didn't want to sew it, just because of time). I made up this little puppy shirt, inspired by this cute one You & Mie made awhile back, because Echo has decided that the best shirts are ones with puppies on them. I was on a roll so I also whipped up a pair of velour joggers- since she hates tight pants. She is a pretty exacting kid, so hopefully these make the cut for frequent wear! 


Sometimes the fun part of sewing for little kids is sewing something you really think their parents will get a kick out of- this sweatshirt was one of those instances. Echo's dad is a huge Badtz Maru fan, so when Brendon and I were discussing what I should make Echo we knew it had to be Badtz Maru related. I went back and forth between making a dress and making the hoodie, and in the end went with the hoodie so that it could be worn more- and for longer. This is actually upcycled (my only win with the KCW theme) and it's made out of adult sweatshirts. I think it turned out pretty cool, and Echo's dad thought it was great- so it was an all around win. 

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