Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dear Cordelia

I can hardly believe its been four years since the first time I held your little 8 pound 10 ounce self. I can remember that first moment very clearly. I don't think I could ever forget just how tiny and perfect you were. 

Being a mom makes time do such strange things, some days can feel soo long and soo hard but then at the same time they speed fast and next thing you know it your kid is out of diapers. I wish I could go back and hold you while you slept and smell your baby sent. 



But time does not move backwards, only forwards. So many things have happened over the years, so many adventures, art projects, quiet moments, and crazy ones too. This year we went on our first family vacation, we spent many evenings on family nature walks, and we went to see your first movie (in theaters).



You got your first pair of glasses! and your first hair cut! 

You took ballet, taekwondo, and basketball. 


Sew Geeky: Supergirl

Valentine's Day

Christmas Dresses 2014

You humored me by sitting for tons of photo shoots, and we had so much fun and I am glad to have captured so many moments and so many smiles. 

Strawberry Picking

Cordelia it's been a blessing to watch you grow. You always pick the funny looking strawberries, because you think they are the most special. You love superheros, princesses, Totoro, bugs, dirt and glitter- and you don't know that most people feel those things don't belong together, and I hope that when you do know it, that you never care.  Your favorite color is "all the colors, except for brown", and you love breakfast food.  This year you learned how to make friends, read some words, open pill bottles (which freaks me out and I don't know how you do  it) and every day you get more independent. You can reach all of the light switches by yourself- even if sometimes you pretend that you can't.

I love that when you open boxes of toys you describe the details to me (like the packaging, and the movements of the toy). You love watching "Treehouse builders" and "How it's made" as much as you enjoy Doc McStuffins. You tell me stories and draw me monsters and I love your creativity and curiosity, even if sometimes it means colored on and disassembled toys. Cordelia, I love you, and your Papa loves you. You are our adventure, you are our sunshine, and we are looking forward to watching you grow even more. 


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