Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wedgwood Skirt by Straight Stitch Designs, Pattern Review

Most people who know me probably feel I have a "look" I love bold prints and colors and I have an almost gravitational pull to skirts and dresses. I just love the ability to put on a skirt or dress and just feel really pretty and pulled together. My first sewing project for myself was a skirt, and they are still one of my favorite things to sew. These days most of my sewing time has been take up with sewing things for Cordelia- and I really enjoy sewing for her, but I was really excited to sit and sew something for me! 

The Wedgwood Skirt pattern by Straight Stitch Designs covers sizes 0-24 which covers waist sizes 24" to 44.5", and comes in two lengths- knee length and a midi length. I opted for the knee length - at 5' 5" I think the midi might just be too long for me.  I was between sizes 18 and 20 and after test fitting my waist band I was still nervous the 18 would be a hair too small so I sewed up a straight size 20. In this fabric I would have been totally ok with the 18 and I ended up having to move my button in further in the waist to bring it in a bit. However I would much rather do that then have a skirt that was too small!  I think in a thicker fabric I would stick to the size 20 because the waist band would have a little more bulk and a little less give to it. I think this is a good instance to be mindful of your fabric choices and always test fit your waist band just to make sure it's perfect. 

This skirt features good classic, flattering pleats with some really fun details- including these darling button tab pockets! I decided to make my pocket tabs contrast the skirt but I really love the tester versions that used the same fabric which makes the detail more subtle. You can also always leave off the flaps if you want! 

Another fun detail is the exposed zipper and a button tab. I have never sewn an exposed zipper before (I'm actually surprised I haven't!) and I found the instructions really easy to follow. In fact all of the skirt instructions are really easy to follow! If the exposed zipper thing isn't your "thing" then no fear because Straight Stitch Designs will have a post this week detailing how to add an invisible side zipper instead. I've seen pictures of her test skirt with the invisible zipper and it is really lovely.

All in all I really love this skirt and I will totally be making it again. My only complaint is that because of the pleats the pattern piece is rather large in the plus sizes and needs to utilize 60" fabric or be cut cross grain. Not a big deal- but something to keep in mind  I cut this skirt cross grain and it worked out great- but so many fabrics in my stash are 45" with very directional prints. My biggest piece of advice for this skirt is to make sure you test fit the waist band  to get the perfect fit. The waistband is rather straight so if you are a little more lumpy in the middle it might need a tiny bit of shaping to get the perfect fit- which I might do on my next one. That is the best part of sewing- you don't have to be shaped like everyone else to get the perfect fit!

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  1. I was looking for reviews on this skirt because I am soooo tempted, and was pleased to come across your website! I absolutely love your skirt. Love the contrast pocket too! I think your skirt might be the thing that tips me over to getting the pattern ... although it will be a reward to myself if I can baste a quilt tonight (which I've been putting off forever!) Thanks!


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