Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Superheros and Sidekicks

When I was pregnant with Cordelia my mother knew before I did. I was sitting on the couch next to her and said "Mom, I am so tired I feel like I am going to die, I must be coming down with something" and she looked at me and said "Katie are you pregnant? That's how I always knew I was pregnant". Turns out I was, and it turns out that level of exhaustion is a marker for my pregnancies as well- which means that this pregnancy announcement almost didn't happen. 

I'm glad that I fought through the fog and tiredness to make the dress because I'm happy I have these pictures to hold onto, and Cordelia was really excited about doing a big announcement this way. 

Cordelia had been asking for a little brother or sister for years, she played with every baby we came in contact with, she would rock and sing to the cat like a baby, she prayed for a baby- she wanted one with all her heart. Because of this is was really really hard not to tell her we were pregnant as soon as we saw the two blue lines on the pregnancy test- it also would have been great to tell her why on earth mommy was spending all her time laying on the couch! 

We told her as soon as we saw the baby's heartbeat at our first 6/8 week appointment, we just couldn't wait any longer. It was pretty funny, we were driving in the car and Brendon said "Cordelia, Mamma and I have some news for you, Mamma is pregnant- she is going to have a baby" Cordelia incredulously said "Papa you are lying, no she isn't, right Mamma- tell him you aren't pregnant".

It's pretty funny that Cordelia automatically thinks her Papa is pulling her leg. After we assured her that it was the truth she launched into all the ways she was going to help with the baby- how the baby would sleep in her room, how she was going to change its diapers- how we had to buy pampers diapers, and when the baby was big enough to eat food we had to get the Gerber food (Which goes to show that we watch a lot of t.v).  

I'm happy to say that while the enthusiasm for diaper changing didn't stick around, and Adeline isn't sleeping in Cordelia's room yet, Cordelia's enthusiasm for her little sister hasn't dimmed since we first told her about her. Cordelia spends lots of time dangling toys in front of Adeline, talking to her, fetching and holding pacifiers, cuddling and holding her, and all in all being a huge help to me. I don't want my babies to grow up any faster then they are- but I look forward to seeing them bond and become best friends. 

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