Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Three Months

Today's post is a happier one than my last post- and because of that its taken me a little while to focus and write it. Today I am sharing photos of Adeline at three months. The past couple sets of photos my sister edited for me and I had a much easier time keeping the number down- but I edited these and it was a struggle! I also found that because she is so much more awake these pictures are so much more blurry- I guess it's time for me to learn some more about my camera and how to take non blurry photos of wiggly babies.

This month Adeline has become such a little talker! She coos, squeaks, and chuckles! Gosh her little noises have really saved me on my sad days. I have multiple videos on my phone of her noises because I never want to forget them, they make me so happy. It is also hysterical to play these videos for her because she will sit and chatter at them!

Adeline- who we call Smush, have I mentioned that on the blog? Smush still wakes up multiple times at night but she is such a happy baby and she is super alert. She spends so much time watching the  world around her, I always like to try to figure out what she is looking at. She especially likes to look at the glass balls hanging up at my mom's house- I like to think that maybe before she was born my Pop Pop told her all about them so she is thinking of him (I know it's silly, but I wished he had lived long enough to meet my daughters because he loved babies, and I often imagine my grandfathers and my dad telling Adeline stories before she was born). 

The cats at my sisters house still want to know what this tiny noisy thing is- but our cats at home love to sit on her, and if not on her at least close to her.  

Smush likes to hold soft things, like her jackalope stuffed animal, her purple octopus, her clothing, spit rags, my clothing- pretty much anything soft she can grasp. That being said, I think her favorites are her jackalope and her octopus (and the octopus she didn't get until after when this post should have been written- so more on that in the four month post).

Bonus points if she can grasp it and she can get it to her mouth. She enjoys chewing things (and has started sucking her thumb too). 

I like how she sticks out her tongue
 and sometimes she forgets to put it back in too. 

Adeline seems to enjoy listening to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and dancing to oldies with her Papa. She turns to find her sister in the room because she loves to watch her. And despite being happiest on her belly she figured out how to roll from her belly to her back two days before her three month "birthday". I feel very blessed that we have Adeline, she is such a happy giggly baby. 

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