Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Four Months

Adeline, It's been four months since you have joined our family- that equates to 126 days, 3,024 hours, and 181,440 minutes- well give or take a few because lets be honest, my math isn't that wonderful. 

Since you came into our lives you have grown by five inches and six pounds, but that doesn't compare to how big our hearts have grown, especially your sister- your sister loves you more than anything in this world. 

This past month has been hard on our family but you have thrived despite it. You smile and smile for us, you still have a resting grump face when you are checking things out around you, but I have never met a more happy baby. You are our constant reminder that things will be ok- they have to be. 

This month we discovered that you love to watch Sesame Street- especially the singing, you squeal and dance right along with Elmo, Grover, and Zoe.

I'm not sure if you noticed the drool all over your shirt or not, but that has been a development this month too- lots of drool and soo much chewing, and man do you have strong jaws!

Today as I was taking your photo you kept squealing and chattering, I have so many recordings of you talking because I never want to forget what your baby voice sounded like and because when I play the videos for you you talk to yourself! You talk so intensely that I think you really must know the answers to everything and you really want me to know them, but I just don't speak the same language! 

I know this post isn't as lengthy as I normally shoot for, but Thanks for being you kid, thanks for making us so happy. 

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