Thursday, April 20, 2017

Having Thin Skin

During an argument recently I was told "Katie, you need to stop being so thin skinned"- which honestly is probably the dumbest way to try to resolve an issue with anyone, especially me, because yes I have thin skin, and I know that. I feel everything soo deeply- and you know what I'm ok with it. 

 TV commercials make me cry, emotional movies haunt me for days,  I have to work extra hard to see the "constructive" in constructive criticism, I struggle to make everything I work on perfect so it can be appreciated by others, I care deeply what other people think. Sure these all sound like negative things, and while the person working to insult me obviously sees my "thin skin" as a weakness I can tell you it is one of my strengths. Being thin skinned makes me sensitive and I wouldn't give that up. 

Being sensitive lets me feel everything, not just the soul crushingly terrible things in life, but the absolute beauty of Adeline's laugh- a sound so beautiful I feel as if my heart is being squeezed. I feel pride so intense over Cordelia's creativity I feel as if I might stop breathing for a moment. I feel love so deeply I would give anything for my family.  

 My sensitivity is one of the things that makes me a good friend- I care when my friends hurt, I notice when I come home and the people I share my home with are lonely- making it so that even if I am rushed and have 100 things to do- I stop and talk and try to make them feel better. My sensitivity makes me a good mother- allowing me to feel and understand the emotions of my five year old when she is tired or my four month old when she cries and cries. I give my all to relationships, and I am proud of that.

Nanea Hoffman said "if anyone ever dismisses you for being too sensitive, ask yourself this: who is more fragile? The person who is brave enough to say when something hurts? Or the person who cannot apologize or admit to having caused pain?" 

I am glad I am not as "thick skinned" and as insensitive as those who lash out at me and seek to make me feel bad. I will not apologize for being sensitive, I will not apologize for being willing to show or express my emotions- because my sensitivity and my emotions make me who I am, and honestly if you don't like who I am I'm really just fine seeing you go. 

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  1. HERE HERE - Be proud - I wish I had your thin skin for sure! Never let anyone kick you down girl - you are the best with the BIGGEST HEART!!!!!


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