Monday, July 24, 2017

Seven Months

Welcome to seven months...well seven months and almost three weeks, but hey we win some and we loose some. 

It's funny because when I posted on her seven month birthday on instagram I said she was teething, but I didn't think any teeth were close to coming through. Well I was wrong and by the time I took these pictures she had two and a third almost cut. 

Shows just how much I can predict when it comes to kids! Cordelia's first tooth cut though at 10 months, and it was a slow process to get all of the baby teeth in, I wonder if Adeline's will keep moving in this fast. It's funny how different kids are from each other. 

Adeline you weigh 21 pounds! You are such a strong little girl, and you have the fastest army crawl of any baby I have ever met. We have to keep a very vigilant eye on you because you  move so fast and you find the tiniest things to stick in your mouth.  

I love watching you explore things- it makes you much more interested in toys which makes it easier for your sister to "play" with you, although she does tend to yell at you and say you are wrecking the toys. 

All you want to do these days is stand- and you are getting close to  being able to pull yourself up, I suspect you will be able to next month. You have such good strong legs which is very helpful to the cause. 

Nothing makes you quite as happy as cats, luckily we have enough for you to play with. 

Cordelia says her favorite thing about you is that you are  ticklish on your belly when she blows on it. You are also ticklish on the bottom of your feet. 

The seventh month of your life was a rough one for our family, but as always you remained our cheerleader. Always happy, always smiling. Still not sleeping through the night, but maybe we will get there one day. 

We love you Smush, and we are soo soo lucky to have you. 

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