Saturday, August 5, 2017

Home Sweet New Home

Hey guys, guess what? I have the best news- this beautiful fountain is in my new back yard!  

Well it's in the yard surrounding our new apartment- and we are thrilled to finally be moved into our new home! 

Be prepared for more pictures, and some super cool backdrops in my sewing posts, but right now I just wanted to pop in and thank you all for your kind words, and your offers to help.  

I have felt so amazed by how many people have expressed their concerns and offered to help.  

I also have to take a moment to apologize to everyone who I didn't manage to respond to. I think I was so overwhelmed by our situation that I was just moving through the motions and I was having a hard time communicating with anyone. 

I also have to thank my dear family who took us (and our obnoxious cats) in and really saved our behinds. I always knew that my mother and sister's would always be there for me if I needed it, and this situation really put them to the test and I am beyond grateful for them. 

Now I am back to addressing change of address cards and unpacking boxes! 

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  1. Those are super cute buildings. I'm so happy you guys found a place!


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