Friday, August 11, 2017

Cinderella, Cinderella, Night and Day it's Cinderella

Cordelia's favorite princess is Cinderella- and it has been since day one, or rather since September 27th 2011 when she watched the movie for the first time.  

Her second Halloween was spent dresses as the blond haired, happy singing princess, and that costume was worn over and over and over again. 

To be honest, Cinderella isn't one of my top princesses, I love Ariel for spunk, Belle for her smarts, and now Rapunzel for her quirky spirit. But Cinderella does have her merits, especially with  her new mantra of "have courage, and be kind" , and I could really use her sewing mice.  

So when Cordelia was invited to go to Disney on Ice I figured she was long overdue for a new Cinderella dress (she has grown out of every dress up dress she owned!). It's taken me several months to get decent photos of this gown, but it has gotten a lot of wear since it was made- and the hem sure does show it! 

For the bodice of the dress I used the Alice pleated dress from Bella Sunshine Designs, I love the little contrast cap sleeve and figured it added a modern update to Cinderella's tiny puff sleeve. 

The skirt is a wide aline skirt, slightly gathered up at the waist. I used a light blue polyester fabric that has been in my stash for ages and covered it in a layer of shimmering dark blue tulle. Underneath is another layer of the light blue polyester and that layer has yards and yards of white net sewn as a ruffle on the bottom of it to help it stand out at the bottom. 

I wish I had taken pictures of how I made the flounce, but I honestly don't remember- but I am happier with how this flounce turned out than I was with the first Cinderella dress I made. 

One of the things I love the most about Cordelia is how she truly loves her princess dress, and make up, and stealing my pretty necklaces...but she is equally as obsessed with the tadpoles living in the fountain outside our apartment. 

Hopefully she won't try to kiss them when they turn into frogs.

It sure can be messy to fave a tadpole catching princess, but I guess this is why everything is washable, right? 

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