Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What We've Been Up to Lately

Some weeks move soo fast you don't have time to stop and breath. Last week was one of those weeks and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't manage to find time to blog. Here is a little re-cap of the week. Monday Cordelia and I did the grocery shopping for the week and she insisted on wearing her flower girl dress (and her new pink not crocks). We didn't get quite as many funny stares as when she would go in her tinker bell costume, but some people did look at us kinda funny. I really could care less what they think- it makes me really happy when she insists on wearing something I made, and most kids don't get enough wear out of their "fancy" clothes.

 Monday and Tuesday nights I worked overnights (working 9pm to 6am if you are wondering). I love doing overnights because it's calm, and quiet, and you get to transform the whole store and make everything perfect. However, overnights do leave me a bit of a zombie and wondering why I can't nap as well as a cat (that's my sister's cat Earl, he is an exceptional napper).

 Wednesday I went with my sister to get her hair cut- she only has it cut professionally about once every 5 years. Her hair is so fresh and light now it's amazing. We  also got to do some shopping and ate dinner together which is nice because we don't get a chance to spend much one on one time. 


Thursday my hubby surprised me by bringing home roses, sweets, and cooking me a yummy dinner. I always nag at him to buy me flowers for holidays (i.e mother's day, valentines day) but this time I didn't even mention them, so I was very surprised.

Friday was our 5 year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe it's been five years already. Well that's not true- because really it seems funny that it's only been five years. I felt like I have spent my whole life with this crazy, amazing, wonderful man. The top left photo is our first dance, and the top right is his face when I walked down the isle. Last year we took a trip away to celebrate, which is what we had planned for this year, but we couldn't quiet get our act together. Instead we had a really great evening playing skee ball (my favorite game) and  went to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. The movie was ok, but getting time just the two of us was the best. 

I also spent all day posting embarrassing old photos of us on instagram. . .

Saturday I took the day off of work so we could do family things. We had a really great playdate with a new friend of Cordelia's (and his parents) at an indoor play place full of moon bounces. The kids had a lot of fun, and it was a good way to burn off some energy after several rainy house bound days. Afterwards we took a family nap and then the hubby and Cordelia took me fabric shopping. I know, it sounds mundane but I love fabric shopping, especially when I have back up for Cordelia. 

Sunday we braved the mud and visited the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I love going this weekend because five years ago we went the day after our wedding. It's just fun to remember that day someplace that really doesn't change year to year. This was our first year taking Cordelia- and it was hard. We couldn't stroller because of the mud so we spent a lot of time carrying her. I was impressed by how much she liked the shows and the people- but she was less then impressed at looking at the booths which is my favorite part! However, we did have fun, and when we got home she still had time to play with her friend. It was the end to a really great family weekend. 

P.S her jumper got more compliments then anyone else in our group- my sister gave it to me at Miss C's baby shower so this is her third year of life wearing it! 

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  1. I love all the old pics of you guys. This is so sweet. It makes my heart so happy when couples are so very, truly in love like you guys are.


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