Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I am not a Domestic Goddess


I have discovered that I am not a domestic goddess, and I am ok with that. I sew well, but my house is kinda messy and my baking these days has been kinda 50/50, and that's ok. 


We decided to make an apple pie as a family since we had all of these wonderful fresh picked apples. I normally don't make pie, my sister makes beautiful pies- the kind of pies that belong on the cover of Martha Stewart, and she has been making pies since she was 10. So naturally I stay away from pie. 


Our pie was a team effort, and at times the process was a little stressful. Baking with a toddler is difficult and don't let blogger photos convince you otherwise. 




I was a little upset by how messy the crust was. 


and by the burnt crust (I put foil around the crust but when I went to rotate the pie, because our oven is a little uneven, it came loose). However, it's ok because it still tasted good, and we made it together. I am not a domestic goddess, and I am ok with that. 


  1. Your crust looks wonderful and your pie looks wonderful - If it tasted good you did what had to be done! Enjoy it! Just so you know I like my crust really brown - adds to the flavor!!!!!!

  2. Your pie looks great! I really love this post, because at least you tried and everyone enjoyed the time spent together and you are trying your best! <3

    <3 Kelly

    PS. When are you free, let's get lunch sometime! :)

  3. That's so sweet! Love family baking time.

  4. Life is all about balance! Doing the things you like and that make you happy without stressing too much! That pie looks really good by the way.


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