Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween


Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the costumes, the decorations, the candy. However, I enjoy Halloween even more having a kid to celebrate it with. Brendon and I aren't party goers so for many years we didn't have much to do on Halloween. I take great joy in planning Halloween costumes for my little family and I am taking full advantage of being able to pick what Cordelia is- I know it isn't much longer before she will want to decided for herself what she dresses up as. In fact I would be surprised if she doesn't pick next year- she has already told us she wants to be a pirate, which I can totally get behind. 


Cordelia was a bumblebee and I thought for a moment that she would refuse to wear her wings- which really surprised me because she has pink fairy wings she loves.


 My mother's church does an activity called Trunk or Treat. It's a lot of fun, it normally involves a pot luck, some fun activities, and then the church members decorate the trunks of their cars and the kids get to trick or treat in the parking lot. Cordelia went this year and had a lot of fun- and it was nice for me that she got more use out of her costume than just the one night of Halloween. 



They had a cupcake walk (participants walked around dots with numbers on them and when the music stopped a number was picked out of a hat, and the player on that number got a cupcake). Cordelia got really excited as soon as she saw the cupcakes but the game was a little confusing for her- the girl running the game noticed and called Miss C's name really fast.


This Halloween I learned that taking pictures of a toddler, hyped up on sugar, in low lighting, is incredibly difficult! 

On Halloween night Brendon and I complemented Cordelia's bee costume by dressing as a Bee Keeper and a Flower! I can't take credit for the idea- my brother suggested it after watching the price is right. Brendon's bee keeper outfit was pretty easy- just a disposable work suit, and we covered his straw hat with a drape. My flower costume turned out ok- but it was the last thing to get done and it didn't really match my vision.


Cordelia's costume was perfect. I was really proud of my idea to use lace as the black stripes and I love how well the yellow of her dress matched the yellow of her wings! Did you have a happy Halloween? Did you dress up and do anything fun?


  1. I love it! your family is completely adorable! If miss C wants to be i pirate next year I'll help with the costuming! Pirates rock!! (but she was the cutest Bee ever!)

    1. Thank you shorne! it would be tons of fun to have your help!

  2. How CUTE is this? I nearly died! So creative and so you guys!!


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