Thursday, March 27, 2014

Geeky, Nerdy, Cool


I am much better at having best friends than having lots of friends, I'm a little awkward in groups which makes it hard to get to know people. However, I'll take best friends over anything any day of the week. One of my longest friendships (13 years and counting) is with the most awesome of guys a gal could know (Well except for my hubby- because, well, I'm married to him). Patrick has a really bright and lively personality and he is one of those people that everyone loves. Patrick has a ton of interests- and his enthusiasm is really contagious. 


While I was brainstorming ideas for birthday presents (in the fabric store of course) I walked past this great monochromatic, woven cotton, Star Wars fabric and I knew it had to be something for Patrick- it was just too perfect to leave. 


In the end I made him this great infinity scarf- paring the Star Wars print with a nice navy chevron flannel, and in an ode to Brini Maxwell (another of Patrick's obsessions) ball fringe. I went back and forth on the color of the trim- between keeping it all navy and adding color, and in the end I decided on the pop of color because I just love navy and apple green together. I'm pretty lucky too because even though I got this to him months late- it's still cold enough for him to wear it. I guess there are some good things that come with this crazy weather! 


  1. That is such a fabulous idea! I like your feelings about close friends vs large groups, and I completely agree! I'd much rather have really great conversations with people, than a few minutes of chatter at a big party. I know personally what a thoughtful person you are, and reading it in your blog, how you see things and think of people, and create for people, it's just beautiful. :)

  2. I love this idea! I am not a Star Wars fan, but I do love this scarf. Its subtly geeky and the pompom fringe is super cute. Now all I need to do is find some subtle HP fabric and make one of these :) Maybe a print of the Marauders Map...

    1. Corey, if you ever find marauders map fabric I will die and buy a whole bolt. I'm having visions of a dress right now.


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