Monday, March 24, 2014

A Scrapbook for Sarah

Crafting is kind of my thing, my happy place. I know everything I do isn't perfect (don't look too close at the corners, they aren't quite square) but I love crafting. In fact, I have too many crafts. Felting, painting, sewing, embroidery, jewelry making, crocheting and so on. I spend too much time dreaming up ideas that I run out of time to follow them through! Scrapbooking often gets moved to the bottom of the "to do" list (which means that I have not finished Cordelia's baby book, but hey, I'll get there eventually right?)
I have found, and I am sure you have too, that when you are making something for someone else it gets moved WAY up to the top of the list- it also gets to be fancier than something you would make for yourself. I'm totally ok with this, I love giving gifts and truthfully I need the deadlines involved with gift giving to get stuff done!
This is a scrapbook that I made for my friend Sarah to immortalize her bridal shower. If you don't remember me sharing photos from the shower, take a look- that post is here. So this book did take about 7 months to make and really isn't that big but I was trying not to stress over this project, I wanted to keep it fun! And I added a ton of details that I would never add to anything else, ever.

I don't think I ever shared it- but this is the shower invitation- which I also made (with a lot of help from my sister). The tea bag pops out of the tea cup because I was all about being fancy!

It's a lot of fun to look back at the decorations!

Yum, and remember the yummy (and mostly Paleo) food. Sarah's friend Ada made the best little Paleo sandwiches.  

This was one of the best showers I've been to. Everyone was really comfortable talking and socializing- sometimes it's hard to put a bunch of strangers in a room and expect them to have fun, but not with this group of ladies!

My hubby called me out for including an extra large picture of Sarah and I- but hey, I made the book and threw the shower, AND for some reason we only have twelve photos together in our entire friendship, so I'm going to flaunt this photo all I want.

The yellow flap opens to show the Mad Libbed love story we wrote at the party!

I wanted her to be able to open all the cards and read the sweet messages whenever she wanted.

The end, Thanks for looking <3 p="">


  1. Wow! I want to elaborate, and talk about your color choices, the pretty papers, the tiny details, oh my gosh, that invite, in some super intelligent way that somehow totally explains all the feels I get when I look at this book, but I know I just don't have the words, so "wow" will have to do! Another fab job, Katie! Just when I thought I couldn't be more jealous of her shower! :D Also, "My hubby called me out for including an extra large picture of Sarah and I-" PSH!! The maker of the scrapbook totally deserves biggest pic, I completely stand by you on this.

    1. Actually one of the reasons I decided to make a scrapbook at all was because when I was getting the supplies to make the invites I feel in love with this book of paper- it was the EXACT colors of the shower and it felt so very Sarah right then- so I had to make the book to justify buying the paper!

  2. Also, I've never made a scrapbook like this before, and it's very intriguing to me. I've only ever done the type where you buy the book with the sleeves, and decorate the paper and put it into the sleeve when you're done. Yours has all sort of like folds, and pockets, and it's really neat. Maybe some day you can do a post on your process? I'd love to learn more about it.

    1. I would love to share- it would give me a reason to do it again! I never thought of doing a step by step for this one because I was making it up as I went a long! Move back to this area and maybe it will be for your shower ;)

  3. Wonderful as always!!!! Your a GREAT Friend <3 - I am sure she LOVED it!


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