Thursday, March 20, 2014

On the first day of Spring

Every year on the first day of spring (well every year for the past three years) Sarah and I take an adventure. In the past we never saw each other as much as we would like and it was nice knowing we always had this one day. Thankfully, we are much better at seeing each other on a regular basis, but the first day of spring is still our special day.

This year we went to the botanical gardens. With how crazy the weather was we weren't sure if it would actually feel like spring, so we picked the gardens because it's beautiful and warm every day of the year.

Cordelia got to join us on our adventure this year, because she needed some spring just as much as we did!  

She has the makings of a fashion blogger, don't you think?

After visiting the gardens we took a walk around downtown, and got freaky close to some very hungry seagulls. Cordelia got close enough to touch them, Sarah and I were much more nervous that close to them.

Close to the metro station is an old carousel and Cordelia begged and pleaded to take a ride. Once we got on it she had a slight freak out, but after we got moving she loved it.

Happy Spring everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh, you three! I love that you guys make a point to have a friend tradition, and to make sure you do something special, and the first day of Spring is just so lovely!

  2. I'm so very happy we have this tradition. I'm also very glad we see each other much more than senior year and the year following graduation. Also, we need to teach Cordelia to snap a photo so we can get photos together on all our outings!


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