Sunday, March 27, 2016

Some Bunny Loves You

Brendon and I both grew up going to church, but neither of us are particularly religious in our adult lives. However, we both agree that Easter is an excellent opportunity to eat ham with family and let Cordelia eat way too much sugar. 

Cordelia is actually pretty funny because she is super into holidays- she is convinced that I must own decorations for each one, and has been pretty disappointed to find out that I actually don't. Apartment living really means that I have to pick and choose- and Halloween and Christmas win out over all the others. But I can't blame her, holidays are really exciting when you are a kid, and I have enjoyed rediscovering that joy. 

This dress wasn't originally in the plan- I had cut the Easter dress from my "to do" list, but yesterday was a pretty uninspiring, disappointing day (more on that in another post) and off to my sewing machine I went to make sense of it all. I greatly appreciate the ability to make something happy after a bad day.   

If you haven't noticed by now, I should point out that Cordelia is a pretty dramatic kid. She likes things big, loud, colorful, and over the top. Every time I ask her to "design" a dress for me to make her it always has crazy flowing sleeves. So I figured for this dress I would indulge her. 

She was thrilled. She rotated between calling them her "wings" and her "cape". I haven't added dramatic sleeve like things to anything since high school (I was a pretty dramatic kid as well) and these ended up with a bit more shoulder puff then I had intended, but I don't think they will be my last dramatic "sleeve" addition to one of her dresses. 

This sweet bunny fabric is a Michael Miller print called "Some Bunny Loves You" that my sweet mother in law surprised me with with awhile back, the gray and pink are some plain inexpensive cotton I had laying in around in my stash, the buttons are vintage from Grandma's stash, and the tiny ball fringe I have been hording for about two years. All of that adds up to a successful "sew your stash" moment- which I have been working really hard on doing this year! 

This is a totally self drafted dress, and I had to include a little pocket- perfect to stash an egg in.

I hope you all enjoyed a "hoppy" Easter! Do you have any Easter Traditions, things that make the day perfect?

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