Saturday, April 23, 2016

Twirly Space Dress

The other day in Cordelia's preschool group the kids were supposed to talk about family traditions. One of the traditions Cordelia identified was that every year for her birthday she gets to pick a party theme and Mommy makes her a special dress. I really enjoy making these dresses- it can be stressful because I often leave things until the last moment, but I always love how happy she is with them. 

I picked up this planet fabric awhile ago from the thrift store- I don't think I paid more than $4 for 3 yards of it so even though I didn't have a plan for it, it was too good of a deal to leave it there. Turns out I got it just for this. I kept the bodice simple, no decorations or details on the front- but I added a super full, three tier, twirly skirt,  - perfect for my super dramatic 5 year old.  We picked up a crinoline from our local mom's swap which added even more poof and drama- and because it was her birthday her daddy okay-ed some super sparkly make up. 

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